HP 15-ay013nr Notebook Review

April 18, 2016
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HP 15-ay013nr, one of the new low-cost laptops with Full HD display and solid-state drive. Now that’s interesting! This rig should offer some nice oomph to you. But is there anything wrong with it, should you pick something else? I’ll discuss that below.

The good

HP 15-ay013nr surely isn’t very expensive, but it still boasts a nice processor. The notebook comes with Intel Core i5-6200U, year 2015 (6th generation) release offering you 2.3GHz clock speed and 2.8GHz turbo boost. It’s a low voltage chip so core amount is kept at two. Nonetheless, in CPU Mark it reaches a score of ~3900, which translates to suitability for power users as well. Couple this with solid 8GB memory and no program I can think of will lag.

Another excellent thing in this rig, especially for this price, is the storage drive section. You’re getting a 128GB M.2 solid-state drive which makes the system feel smooth and snappy to use. You can store a lot of data in memory sticks or Internet cloud so small size of the drive shouldn’t be a problem.

A Full HD 15.6″ screen you’ll also get, it’s not very common for a budget computer. Put two browser windows next to each other and it works fine on such a resolution. Touch is not supported. Webcam is installed in screen bezel.

A quality 802.11ac WiFi adapter with Bluetooth 4.0 is included. The other way to connect to Internet would be the RJ-45 port with cable.

The neutral

Not much information is available on battery life of HP 15-ay013nr, but based on the energy efficient components I’d say 5 hours on a single charge is pretty realistic.

The notebook comes with DVD burner and media card reader, just like most laptops of this size and cost.

To connect things like a printer, you can choose from the one USB 3.0 or two USB 2.0 ports on the sides. Also the obligatory HDMI-out is present, allowing for hooking up a PC monitor.

The bad

With low price a compromise is always made, and in the case of laptops it’s the gaming performance. This HP features no dedicated graphics, instead there is an integrated unit called Intel HD 520. It’s not a disaster, many games run, but not with top FPS and you’ll need to be careful with settings. To give you a real-life example, Grand Theft Auto 5 gives around 25FPS when settings are low and resolution 720p.


HP 15-ay013nr makes an excellent notebook for anybody but the gamers. The low(ish) price should attract casual users, but there is also everything a demanding user wants: darn powerful processor, a lot of RAM, fast solid-state drive and a 1080p display. As far as I know, all kinds of software should run smooth and clean on this rig – the only thing that would run tad worse are games because there is no good graphics card. If that does not bother you, there is nothing stopping you from getting this valuable HP!

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