HP 15-af130nr Laptop Review

November 13, 2015
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A budget laptop can work for years if you’re not a very demanding user – for example, if browsing Internet and YouTube is your most common computer activity. HP 15-af130nr is one of those cheaper laptops, however its performance is far from a disaster: it features AMD quad-core processor and 6GB system memory. Nice, but are there some hidden things you should know before going for this gem? Perhaps…

General performance

I don’t think any home, student or even a small office user would find HP 15-af130nr too slow a laptop. The AMD A8-7410 processor boasts four cores and a clock speed of 2.2GHz (2.5GHz with turbo) and reaches ~2600 points in the popular CPU Mark test. The AMD A8-7410 is indeed comparable to Intel Core i3s, the 4th generation ones. If you know how they perform, you’ll get similar processing power here.

6GB memory is installed in this HP. It takes two sticks, a 2GB and 4GB, for that kind of RAM amount. The two memory slots can also be filled with 8GB modules, giving you 16GB memory which is the maximum for this system. The 750GB (5400RPM, pretty slow!) hard drive can also be changed for an SSD if you know what you’re doing. The current drive is not going to be horrible but if you have money for a solid-state drive, it will make the notebook a lot faster.

Does it also play games?

Unfortunately gaming is not a very good idea on this HP. You can surely play many games but not enjoy high graphics settings at the same time. The integrated AMD Radeon R5 can only offer so much eye candy; for example the lightweight Counter-Strike: Go would only be playable on low-medium settings. This naturally means that heavy games, like GTA 5 or The Witcher 3, don’t work on this machine at all.

Ports and connections

You can connect many peripherals to HP 15-af130nr. Three USB ports can be used, although just one is USB 3.0. You will also find HDMI output there, hook up a monitor to that if you want. Getting this thing connected to Internet can be done through the 100Mbps RJ-45 port but also built-in 802.11 N-standard WiFi card is available. Bluetooth seems to be supported, too.

A laptop this big often has a DVD burner, so does this HP. A digital card reader is installed as well, you can slip in SD cards to that.

There’s a regular HP webcam good for taking photos or shooting low-quality videos.

Miscellaneous things

HP 15-af130nr offers a 15.6 display, that is the most common size in notebooks. You’ll get nothing but 1366×768 resolution, putting two windows next to each other is hardly going to work. But nothing better can be expected for this price. The display however supports touch, not everybody digs it but if you do, you have one more reason to get this HP.

The unit isn’t heavy for a 15.6-inch model, it weighs a mere 4.83 pounds. The power section is handled by a 4-cell 41Whr Li-ion battery, expect it to last the usual 4 hours tops.

Backlit keyboard isn’t available.

Summing it up

It’s not hard to guess who would like HP 15-af130nr the most: casual users at home or student dorms. There is no common program that wouldn’t run here, all the usual stuff including MS Office and even Photoshop are good to go with the HP. However, beware with games as the integrated graphics unit in this machine can hardly take titles from 2015. If you’re fine with that, I think you would find this simple laptop fast enough for your needs!

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