HP 15-ac020nr Review

August 31, 2015
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HP 15-ac020nr, a typical laptop on the cheap side featuring 4th Generation Core i3 processor, four gigabytes system memory and 750GB hard drive for some serious data storing. It’s not loaded with Windows 10, however free upgrade to the Microsoft’s latest is promised for a limited time. Read on and find out what we liked and hated about the HP.

What programs does the laptop run?

HP 15-ac020nr is not a pricey notebook, meaning the performance is not top-notch. The processor is called Intel Core i3-4005U which is a 2014 dual-core model with 1.7GHz clock speed. There’s no turbo feature in this processor, and the average points in CPU Mark is ~2450. That’s not a great amount, considering newer i5s get much more – for example the i5-5200 receives around 3500 points. This wouldn’t be a concern for home users, but of course somebody running heavy programs would much more likely enjoy i5 or even i7.

There’s 4GB DDR3L-type memory installed on one DIMM stick inside the computer. It looks like there are no extra slots, meaning the maximum RAM this computer can hold is 8GB. You can achieve that by replacing the old stick, but the hassle wouldn’t be worth it for a home user. Only if you’re certain you need the 8GB, go for it.

HP 15-ac020nr has a 750GB hard drive, offering much more space than 500GB often seen in similarly-priced laptops. The 5400RPM spindle speed won’t get any extra points, it contributes to sluggish performance if you were to compare this drive to an SSD. If you’re after faster performance, you may of course take the hard drive out and install solid-state drive and the problem is solved.

Are there some games that would work?

This computer is able to run many games if you can do with just some eye candy on. The graphics card is an integrated Intel HD 4400 and I’ve seen people playing even some heavier games, such as Grand Theft Auto 5, on it. With the said GTA 5 you’d get playable frame rates of 20 if you could accept 720p resolution and low settings. Another example, Battlefield 4 should give at least 30FPS on similar settings. Games with less fancy graphics, such as Minecraft, run with far better frame rates.

Is the display any good?

HP 15-ac020nr has a 15 inches touchscreen supporting 1366×768 resolution. That might hurt a bit, but in my opinion 1366×768 is fine for notebooks. The touch support is a good companion for Windows 8, however if you do the free upgrade to Windows 10 you might not find use for it so much – the talk is Windows 10 works good with touchpad and keyboard.

What devices can be plugged in?

HP 15-ac020nr features three USB ports, one of those is USB 3.0, two are USB 2.0. It’s also possible to hook up a monitor to the notebook’s HDMI port.

There’s a 802.11b/g/n WiFi adapter good for connecting to wireless networks. Bluetooth support isn’t listed in the specifications, however there’s RJ-45 port for cable.

The unit includes a DVD burner and a card reader. The latter can be used to get files from several devices, such as digital cameras, to the notebook.

There’s also a front-facing HD webcam installed, nothing is stopping you from having a video chat or two on Skype.

What other things to keep in mind?

HP 15-ac020nr comes with a 4-cell 41Whr battery, the manufacturer promises up to 7.25 hours life for that. I’m not sure if that’s accurate, perhaps 5 hours is closer to truth. What comes to other aspects of portability, the weight is 4.83 pounds so not heavier or lighter than other laptops with 15.6″ display.

The keyboard features a numeric keypad but there are no backlit keys.


There’s a good reason to get a laptop like HP 15-ac020nr if you don’t use very demanding programs. An entry-level system doesn’t cost a lot, while offering adequate performance for all home (and possibly even small office) users. People enjoying games easy on the system can also like this notebook, however the integrated graphics chip can indeed only run very lightweight titles without slowing down. There’s nothing bad that sticks out like a sore thumb – if it’s a decent laptop you’re after, this HP should be a good choice to work and play with.

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