HP 14-an080nr Notebook Review

July 7, 2016
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The market for budget laptops is steady, it’s like an evergreen niche: people don’t want to spend much money but at the same time they need (or want) a computer. HP 14-an080nr is made for those folks who don’t expect a lot from their notebooks, with simple things like web surfing being their number one activity. Here I will let you know if this inexpensive HP is up for the task or not…

Who is it good for?

It doesn’t take a genius to see that HP 14-an080nr is great for lightweight programs. The low-end AMD quad-core processor and four gigabytes RAM are a good baseline combo, allowing you to surf the web and even watch YouTube videos like any other computer. Suitability for office programs (MS Office etc.) is also guaranteed, although keep in mind the laptop doesn’t include that software.

I’d say the HP can work for a budget traveler as well. The screen is rather compact 14 inches and weight 3.85 pounds. True, there are much smaller notebooks available, but they cost more or are very poor in terms of performance. The battery life on this (3-cell 31Whr unit) is however below ultrabooks, you won’t get more than ca. four hours on a single charge.

Who is it bad for?

HP 14-an080nr is not much of a player’s laptop. Obviously, it comes without a dedicated graphics card, relying entirely on the integrated Radeon R2. Now that chip is slower than a snail, even the infamous Intel HD 4000 beats it in performance. You won’t be able to run games such as GTA 5 or Fallout 4 without extensive lag. That said, some titles that are easier on the system surely run, those including Counter-Strike: Go and Minecraft on low settings.

It’s already been hinted the HP doesn’t have great overall performance. The AMD E2-7110 quad-core processor offers 1.8Ghz clock frequency without turbo, the CPU Mark score being ~2000. It’s the same than older (4th generation) Intel Core i3s – not much of a power user’s choice indeed. The 4GB memory might work, however you might also want to upgrade it for better performance (which should be possible by replacing the default stick). Another thing to watch for is the 500GB 5400RPM hard drive – it’s good for home use, but for a person who wants to maximize the performance, an SSD is a must.

Other noteworthy things and features

There’s nothing really exciting about the 14″ display, it comes without touch support and offers 1366×768 maximum resolution. A webcam is embedded on top which allows for Skype video chats.

HP 14-an080nr can be enhanced with devices or peripherals, it has three USB ports (of which one is USB 3.0) for those. It also features video outputs for HDMI and VGA which let you connect an external monitor.

“No optical drive” is mentioned in the specifications, so to work with discs you’d need an external drive that plugs to the laptop’s USB port. However, SD card slot is present for those little memory cards.

Getting this system connected to Internet shouldn’t be a problem, there’s a basic 100Mbps Ethernet RJ-45 controller and WiFi adapter (the b/g/n standard) available.

It’s not a surprise that a laptop of this caliber doesn’t include a backlit keyboard.


HP 14-an080nr may be cheap, but this affordable system has its uses. For one, it’s quite a small unit, meaning you don’t have any extra burden if you’re a frequent traveler. When considering things under the hood, you won’t admittedly find too great performance – but still enough for day-to-day activities like common web browsing. Anyway, when talking about this laptop and criticizing it, you really need to remember the price: it’s hard to get a decent budget notebook any cheaper than this!

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