HP 14-an013nr Notebook Review

June 20, 2016
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There’s one thing you immediately notice about HP 14-an013nr. Is it the performance? Nope. Is it the good looks? Not really. Is it the cheap price? Yes! The laptop happens to be one of the cheapest units available. But because it’s so inexpensive, does it also mean the notebook is slow…?

The good

Surely, the display is the best thing in HP 14-an013nr! It’s a 14-inch non-touch screen with Full HD (1920×1080) resolution – and that’s something you pretty much never see in this price category. So, feel free to put two windows next to each other at the same time, there’s plenty of screen estate for you. Also thanks to the IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel type you’ll get ca. 180 degree viewing angles. The HD webcam on top works for Skype video chatting.

The neutral

The performance of HP 14-an013nr is far from high, you’ll be able to use the laptop primarily for lightweight activities (which includes Full HD videos from YouTube etc). The processor is AMD E2-7110 APU, an unit with four cores, 1.8GHz clock speed and ~2000 CPU Mark score. There is also 4GB RAM installed and it is upgradable.

Nope, there is no solid-state drive in this HP even though ad copy says so. The drive’s actually 32GB eMMC (embedded MultiMediaCard) which is a slower and less durable version of SSD. On the other hand, it’s tad faster than old hard drives, but the main culprit is the actual storage: 32 gigabytes is not a lot, especially after Windows 10 Home installation files which will leave you with ~20GB free space.

Connecting peripherals is possible: the system hosts three USB ports, two of them are USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0. For video outputs HDMI and VGA are offered. You can also connect a network cable to the RJ-45 port or use the 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. Bear in mind the notebook has no optical drive – but SD card reader is included.

The battery life is decent, reaching around 5 hours under web browsing on conservative screen brightness.

The bad

Say goodbye to hardcore gaming, HP 14-an013nr won’t work for that. The AMD processor has an integrated Radeon R2 graphics chip which is, to put it simply, very very slow graphics engine. Even the old (& integrated) units like Intel HD 4000 are faster than this. Playing heavier games, including GTA 5 or Fallout 4, will not work. Lightweight ones such as Sims 4, Counter-Strike: Go and World of Warcraft run, but you need to be careful with the settings.

Final thoughts

Like all cheap laptops, HP 14-an013nr is a good unit for web surfing and paper editing. It is not a good unit for a power user or gamer. That’s clear when you look in the engine room, the AMD processor and eMMC are low-end components. But an excellent feature is the 14 inches screen with treats like IPS panel and Full HD resolution – videos and movies will play great. Also the small size can be a plus; taking this computer on your travels won’t be an issue. If a simple and inexpensive laptop is what you’re after, I can definitely recommend this one.

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