HP 110-430 Review

October 7, 2014
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HP 110-430 is one of those very, very, very affordable desktops manufacturers release to the hungry penny pinching crowd from time to time. At the current price, around 250 bucks, this HP is very tempting to get if you’re just looking for a computer to do your everyday browsing, email and Office stuff with. But first, let me tell you more about this computer below.

The main things

HP 110-430 has Intel Celeron J1800 processor inside. Many probably know the word Celeron and its association with sub par performance. These budget CPUs certainly have their disadvantages, but you don’t have to fear as long as you’re not expecting this HP to be a full feature gaming rig. The 2.4GHz and two cores this Celeron offers will take you far if low to moderate performance (like web browsing, email and Office) is all you require.

System memory is the usual 4GB. That is adequate number for most uses. If you feel so, you can always double RAM by getting additional RAM module since HP 110-430 supports up to 8GB RAM. In addition, the 500GB storage running on 7200RPM is rather spacious. For example, such a hard drive can easily hold tens of thousands of mp3s.

Windows 8.1 64-bit is pre installed on HP 110-430. There’s however no Microsoft Office installed, you must download the trial or buy it yourself.


Getting a Celeron-based computer can’t ever be a good choice for heavy graphics. The CPU holds an Intel HD Graphics (Bay Trail) graphics engine which is blast from the past, the weakest of Intel HD graphics chips. The Bay Trail engine can run some older games with low settings and resolution fluently, but for later games it’s just insufficient choice.


To plug in a peripheral you can use one of the 5 USB ports HP 110-430 offers. Four of them are USB 2.0 and one is USB 3.0. Both DVI-D and VGA ports can be found in the back panel, letting you use dual monitor setup on this HP. Sadly there’s no direct HDMI support, an adapter or cable must be used to acquire that.

As one might expect from a budget desktop like HP 110-430, the networking capabilities are also rather limited. There’s no WiFi, just 10/100Mbps Ethernet adapter. However, one can get WiFi support with an inexpensive USB dongle.

A 7-in-1 media card reader is installed in the front panel, letting you to plug digital cameras and such easily to the computer.

What else to consider?

Even though HP 110-430 is very cheap, it still has 16x DVD burner. The desktop also comes with USB keyboard and optical mouse. There’s no monitor though, that you must acquire separately.

The dimensions of the case are 14.3″ height x 6.5″ width x 15.1″ depth. As such, the case is so called mini tower, a box that can be easily fitted anywhere. The flipside is the expandability: Both optical drive and hard drive bays are already occupied, so installing more drives is not possible on this desktop. If you replace or add some component inside, keep in mind the power supply is just 65W. The system can’t certainly give enough power to a high performance component without replacing the power supply as well.


HP 110-430 is small, affordable and low performance desktop. It costs around 250 bucks, can be fitted basically anywhere and runs latest games poorly. If you don’t require huge performance from your computer (eg. you are a home user) then going for such a budget desktop is good idea. Even for lightweight use it has some quirks like missing WiFi, HDMI and Bluetooth, but all of them can be installed afterwards. So if you don’t mind these shortcomings, I can assure you HP 110-430 offers good for bang for your buck. If you want more performance, you can always check this model from the same manufacturer.

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