HP 110-326 Review

October 30, 2014
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HP, the Californian IT corporation is probably the world’s most famous manufacturer of computers. Their line of desktops starts with lower priced Pavilions and goes all the way to powerful Envies, computers meant for true power users. However, as we’re friends of affordable desktops we focus on the lower end on Tech For Pennies. Indeed, HP has recently released new budget models, one of them being HP 110-326. Let’s start with that and find out if you can talk about quality and affordability in one sentence!

First things first

HP 110-326 is, like the other HPs reviewed on this site, a cheap desktop. This is naturally reflected in the components. To start with, it has Intel Pentium G2030T (two cores @ 2.6GHz) as its processor. Compared to popular Core i3s, this Pentium doesn’t feature Hyperthreading and generally i3s come with better graphics chips. However, the price of this processor is much lower than i3s, and performance would be enough for everyday use and occasional heavy stuff. Gaming on the older Intel HD Graphics would be problematic, although less demanding games (like Fifa or Minecraft) should have FPS well over 20 on it.

The system has 4GB memory installed. It has been the baseline of RAM for long time, even my 5-years old desktop has that and still works wonders. There is also one free socket, so adding more up to 16GB is possible.

There’s half a terabyte storage space on HP 110-326. It’s barely enough for modern desktop, people tend to download and store lots and lots of information on their drives. To give you an example, 500GB drive can hold closer to one hundred thousand photos taken with six megapixels digital camera. Speed of the drive, 7200RPM, can be considered as slight advantage over slower 5400RPM ones.

Windows 8.1 is becoming more and more popular by the day. That is also the operating system of this desktop. If you want to try its touch features, get a touchscreen with this HP. If you’re not interested, you’ll do fine with regular display.


The desktop features 6 USB 2.0 ports, two in front and two in rear. No USB 3.0 ports are however available.

Surprisingly this HP doesn’t come with HDMI port. However, there are both VGA and DVI-D ports which also allow for dual-monitor setup.

There is naturally Ethernet port in the back, although it supports only 10/100Mbps speeds. In addition, single-band WiFi card is also installed. Bluetooth is not available, so that you’d have to install afterwards.

7-in-1 media card reader is in front, allowing you to transfer data from digital cameras, phones and such.

There is DVD burner with 16x maximum speed installed on the system.

What else to keep in mind?

The system case dimensions are 15.1″ L x 6.5″ W x 14.3″ H. It’s small computer, fits nicely to any place, but as drawback has very limited expandability. Both 3.5″ and 5.25″ drive bays are already taken, so adding another storage drive is not possible. Also, on the motherboard there are no expansion slots available. Thus, installing dedicated graphics card won’t happen. The 90W power supply would also be obstacle with upgrading.

The computer doesn’t come with monitor. USB keyboard and optical mouse are shipped with it.

30-day trial of anti-virus program is included. For Microsoft Office, you’d have to download the trial or buy it straight away.

Summing it up

HP 110-326 is alright desktop for home and office users looking for something affordable. Major drawbacks include the lack of HDMI and USB 3.0 ports, although in the big picture they’re probably not dealbreakers. It would’ve also been nice to see more capable i3 CPU, but for low price you can’t have everything. As it is, this HP desktop is solid choice for lightweight use and occasional heavy stuff, with the emphasis being on simple tasks like web browsing, MS Office and video streaming.

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