HP 11-p110nr x360 Review

October 7, 2015
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The absolute first impression about HP 11-p110nr x360 is CHEAP. It costs very, very little, less than notebooks you often see on market shelves and heck, even E-commerce stores. Well, the price makes sense when you check out the components: Celeron processor, only 2GB RAM and 32GB eMMC disguised as a solid-state drive. Not very fancy, but might be this kind of entry-level system is all you need. I’ll help you to decide if this cheap HP would indeed be useful or not!

Is it really powerful enough?

The processor of HP 11-p110nr is getting a bit dated. It is Intel Celeron N2840, a dual-core chip with 2.16GHz clock speed. For those interested in statistics, the N2840 reaches a low ~1100 score in CPU Mark. Celerons are known as lackluster processors of the Intel family, good only for very basic tasks like surfing the web on Chrome/Firefox, accessing YouTube and playing some browser games. That is however what most people are doing, and nothing more, so it might be worth your while to choose a Celeron-based system if your needs are not high.

The computer features 2GB (DDR3L) onboard memory. That means the memory is soldered on the mainboard, it can’t be removed, and I don’t know if there are free RAM slots to add in more memory – I doubt there is, considering the small size. So 2GB is all you have, it’s not a lot but for the above-mentioned lightweight tasks it works. Just don’t try to have dozens of tabs open on your browser and there shouldn’t be a problem.

A 32GB embedded MMC is the storage drive in this laptop. It’s not a full blown solid-state drive, that would cost more. The current eMMC is surely faster than a regular hard drive but still nothing compared to SSD. 32GB capacity (minus Windows 10 installation files) isn’t much to play with, don’t get this notebook if you’re about to stuff a lot of big files on it. However, you can always use memory card to expand the local storage or go for cloud if you don’t mind putting data online.

What kinds of games can I play on it?

Not many games will run on HP 11-p110nr, the processor and RAM aren’t enough for that. Moreover, the graphics engine is just the integrated Intel HD (Bay Trail), one of the slowest graphics units around. I’ve seen people play GTA 5 on similar systems, but they’re getting only around 20 frames per second with lowest possible settings and 800×600 resolution. Not beautiful and lag will still be there. However, types like Minecraft will work, you’ll easily reach +30FPS with that.

Any comments about the display?

Are there devices I can plug in?

You can plug in a couple of devices to this laptop. It features one USB 3.0, although if you’re happy with the slower version, there are also two USB 2.0 ports at your disposal. And don’t forget the HDMI-out, you can hook up a bigger monitor to that if the tiny screen in this HP isn’t enough.

Obviously there’s no space for DVD drive inside, so the only way to read discs with this laptop is to use external optical drive.

HP 11-p110nr x360 sports a memory card reader, it’s extra useful on this model because of the small storage capacity. You can get more space for your files by slipping in a memory card and storing the files there.

Internet can be accessed using the regular 802.11 b/g/n Wireless + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. It’s a compact unit, but also RJ-45 port is available on this notebook.

The HD webcam is good enough for some video chats or even recording non-professional quality videos for services like YouTube.

Miscellaneous things

It’s only a 11.6 inches screen in HP 11-p110nr, so the computer should be lightweight, right? Well, it weighs 5 pounds which is the same than a normal 15.6″ laptop. That’s quite strange, negatively affecting on portability. The included 3-cell 43Whr battery will be good for at least 4 hours if you’re browsing the web.

Don’t ever dream of getting a backlit keyboard for this price :)


HP 11-p110nr x360 is good for a couple of things, most important being basic web surfing that probably 99.9% of computer users participate in. Processing documents like Word and Excel stuff will also work, however the system won’t be powerful enough for more serious activities like editing images or running top AAA games. The rotating screen means you have both tablet and laptop at your disposal, and if that sounds like your cup of tea, you might want to give a try to this well priced HP.

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