Gateway DX4885-UR2F Review

March 30, 2015
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Not many times has a Gateway computer been featured on this site – even though they used to develop excellent yet cheap products. And because we’re after value on, computer from such a company is a welcome sight. So, let me present you Gateway DX4885-UR2F, an affordable desktop for home and office use. You’ll find out below if it’s really worth your money!


Gateway DX4885-UR2F can be described as a powerful rig. It contains Core i5-4440, a high end processor of Intel’s, offering a quad-core setup, 3.1GHz base frequency and up to 3.3GHz clock speed with turbo boost. A bit older release from 2013, it still performs well and gets excellent grades in benchmarks. If you have very complex software, those will run no problem. Gaming is also possible, although the integrated graphics engine suggests only low-medium settings on many titles.

The RAM amount is 4GB. It’s not bad, although on a computer with so powerful CPU the balance would be perhaps better with more memory. The four gigabytes is installed on one module and there are in total two or four slots, depending on the source you look from. Acer Store says 4 slots while says 2. Anyway, the maximum memory is 32GB and at least doubling the memory to eight gigabytes should be convenient to do.

For storing your files there’s a big 1024GB hard drive. Good for ultimate data storage (~200,000 photos for example), it however lacks in speed. The current 7200RPM rate is slightly above a common 5400RPM drive but not even near a solid-state drive’s speed. If you want to install one, there are free drive bays for that. At least a 5.25″ slot, but the specifications suggest also a 3.5″ bay could be available.

Briefly on gaming

If you want to play games on this desktop, you must bear in mind the limitations an integrated chip has. In Gateway DX4885-UR2F, the graphics engine is called Intel HD 4600. Generally, heavy games from 2015 and 2014 will run smoothly only with reduced settings. Titles like Battlefield should average 35 FPS on low details. Those games requiring less, such as Minecraft, will have a lot better rates and you can increase the settings without worries.


Gateway DX4885-UR2F has six USB ports, two of those being USB 3.0. Dual monitors should work thanks to both HDMI and VGA outs in the back panel. There are Gigabit Ethernet and 802.11b/g/n WiFi cards for networking, and Bluetooth 4.0 is also supported.

DVD writer is available on the front panel. Media card reader is also there, meaning you are able to upload files from portable devices – such as images from your camera.

Some other things to keep in mind?

Gateway DX4885-UR2F is shipped with a wireless keyboard and optical mouse. However, monitor is not. If you want to put Windows 8.1’s touch features to good use you might want to get a touch display.

There are some expansion opportunities in this Gateway. Besides the RAM and extra drive bay(s), the motherboad has one free PCI-E x1 and x16 slots. Gamers can add a dedicated graphics card, although keeping in mind the 300W power supply and dimensions of 17.2″ height, 7.1″ width and 16.9″ depth.

I’ve heard these Gateways have a bunch of pre-loaded crapware. That is a common complaint, although the cure is simple: uninstall the programs yourself.

Summing it up

From what I can see, Gateway DX4885-UR2F is a pretty decent desktop. Thanks to the i5 processor it offers strong performance, and the terabyte hard drive is very tough to fill up with your files. Basic features such as WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 are available. Gamers can enjoy the desktop if they’re content with less eye candy on many games. The 4GB RAM is perhaps a small disadvantage – that can be fixed easily with an extra memory module, although it costs a bit. All in all, the Gateway is a solid everyday computer with an affordable price tag considering what it offers.

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