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CybertronPC Titanium-1080X Gaming Desktop Review

The thing about CybertronPC Titanium-1080X is, it looks excellent and its spec sheet is all about high-end components. But you’re still not sure about its worth to you. Indeed, such a less known manufacturer could mostly produce duds for all we know. But this review helps you to decide if this desktop is the... Read more

Acer Aspire AXC-780-UR11 Desktop Review

There’s one thing I must tell you right away about Acer Aspire AXC-780-UR11. The unit is one of the cheapest desktops there currently is. This feature might frighten or please you… And it’s understandable if you question the performance and quality of this computer. Well, I’m here to help you... Read more

Acer Aspire ATC-280-UR11 Desktop Review

Many people want a traditional, low cost desktop. Because such a computer suffices for them. The black box sitting under your table can take you to Internet, YouTube videos and office programs without issues. Such a desktop should be Acer Aspire ATC-280-UR11, but I don’t advice buying it before you’ve read... Read more

Acer Aspire AT3-710-UR52 Desktop Review

In the era of mobile wonders, an old-school desktop might seem obsolete. But let me tell you, that kind of computers still have their uses! The good thing about desktops is that in general, they offer much better components for the money in comparison to laptops. And I’ll give critique to one of those computers,... Read more

HP 24-g020 All-in-One Desktop review

As I often say, All-in-One desktops shine in one department: convenience. When you buy one you get a computer ready to rock – it just needs a power outlet and five minutes to set up Windows. HP 24-g020 is such a desktop, and based on reviews it has received, the computer might be a worthwhile choice… But... Read more