Dell XPS9350-5340SLV Power Laptop Review

November 19, 2015
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Power user laptops like Dell XPS9350-5340SLV impress with their components and features. This Dell, for example, comes with a Core i7 processor and 256GB solid-state drive – two essential things for smooth environment when dealing with demanding software. But even this kind of high-end laptop must have weak points? I think so…

What is it good for?

So the excellent thing about this Dell is processing power. It’s hard to beat the Intel Core i7-6500U (two cores, 2.5GHz clock speed with 3.1GHz turbo), at least in the low-voltage category, the processor receiving well over 4000 points in CPU Mark. Of course, power hungry models are almost 2 times faster, but here you shouldn’t worry about heating or excessive power usage. And the most important thing, this Core i7 will run any program you throw at it.

The other sweet feature here is the solid-state drive. It is a 256GB PCI-e based solid-state drive. Fast performance is guaranteed, and quarter a terabyte offers quite a lot of storage – especially if you don’t have the habit to store gargantuan files on your machine. 8GB of installed memory will also help to keep programs and the OS running smooth. It looks like the RAM is integrated on board, hence I don’t think it can be upgraded here.

Is it good for games?

It would be unreasonable to call Dell XPS9350-5340SLV a gaming laptop. As there is only integrated graphics engine (Intel HD 520) you won’t be feasting with high settings and resolution on many games. You can expect 20-30FPS on many newer titles with some eye candy on, for example Grand Theft Auto will give around 30FPS played on medium and 1366×768. Types like Counter-Strike: Go and LoL can be easily played on higher settings, though.

What ports does it have?

One thing you’ll notice about the Dell, it doesn’t have dedicated video ports. There’s no HDMI-out or anything. Instead, the laptop exclusively relies on USB ports: two USB 3.0 and a newer USB 3.1 C-Type connectors are available. If you want to connect a monitor you can surely get USB to HDMI adapter, although bear in mind it won’t carry audio signal, just video (unless you get an adapter with two wires, the other being 3.5mm audio cable going to the Dell’s headphone output).

The same thing about DVD drive: this laptop has none. But external USB burner, connected to notebook’s USB port, can be used. Also one thing you might find useful is the built-in reader for SD cards.

So how’s the case with networking? An internal 2×2 AC-type WiFi + Bluetooth 4.1 card is found in the machine. RJ-45 port for cable isn’t installed, but USB adapter works for that, too.

The laptop features a webcam which supports 1280×720 video.

Anything else to keep in mind?

The touch display here looks nice, or at least interesting. Its size is 13.3 inches yet the maximum supported resolution is 3200×1800 (Quad HD). Things will look pretty darn tiny on screen, but luckily resolution can be freely changed. And some people, like digital artists, will probably like that set-up anyway. The panel is IPS, viewing angles are up to 170 degree, and brightness is 400 nits.

Keyboard has backlit feature, just like it should on this expensive laptop.

The notebook weighs next to nothing, just 2.84 pounds. Also a good thing for portability, the 4-cell 56Whr battery will last around 8 hours with a single charge.


Dell XPS9350-5340SLV is far from a cheap laptop, so if you don’t have a lot of extra cash might be some other model would be more suitable for you. But if it’s a very powerful system you want, this Dell offers all the required things: plenty of RAM, great processor and a fast solid-state drive. It is miles ahead of cheap laptops when it comes to general performance, although gaming isn’t something the Dell is particularly good at. You can get a very good gaming laptop for the same price, but for a lightweight, neat looking professional notebook this Dell should be a good choice for sure.

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