Dell XPS9350-4007SLV Laptop Review

November 17, 2015
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Dell XPS9350-4007SLV, a phenomenal laptop at a glance. It includes a host of components that would make even the most critical user smile: 6th Generation Intel processor and a solid-state drive. Nice for sure, but I can right away see some drawbacks, too. I’ll tell you more about the goods and bads of this notebook below!

General performance

For running programs and applications, there’s nothing this Dell could not do. Its processor is Intel Core i5-6200U, a 2015 model of the 6th generation with two cores, 2.3GHz base clock frequency and a 2.8GHz turbo boost. It manages to reach almost 4000 points in CPU Mark which is rather impressive for a processor of low-voltage design. Add in the 8GB memory and you got a non-lagging configuration at your disposal (however bear in mind the RAM seems to be integrated on board so more can’t be added as far as I know).

The storage solution isn’t any worse, it’s a real deal SSD (M.2 type) with space for 256GB worth of data. An excellent thing, you need not to upgrade storage drive here as it’s already that fast SSD.

The small 13.3 inches display comes with 3200×1800 resolution, also known as Quad HD. Now it might seem an overkill for the average user – especially on 13 inches – but somebody keen on graphics editing needs that much of screen estate. Also having several browser windows next to each other will work (as long as you can read the small text on them). Touch is supported so you can command your way through the Windows 10 with your finger. In addition, the 400-nit brightness is nice if you’re using this laptop outside or anywhere in bright conditions.

Is it bad for something?

Dell XPS9350-4007SLV features no dedicated graphics card. There’s only the integrated Intel HD 520 available. It is bad news for gamers and quite a surprise for this price anyway – often these premium laptops come with some sort of dedicated graphics engines. But with this Dell you really need to keep those settings less than high and resolution less than 1920×1080 to get smooth frame rates. For example, GTA 5 would give ~30FPS using conservative settings and 720p resolution. Not exactly something avid gamers are looking for, but should suffice for those enjoying a gaming session or two now and then.

Ports and connections

Connectivity-wise, this Dell is equipped with some new technology. It has two typical USB 3.0 ports, but in addition USB 3.1 Type-C port (better transfer rates and uniformity with USB devices, also supports Thunderbolt). On the other hand, there are no direct video outputs on this machine, but USB to HDMI adapter can be used to fix that, at least for the image part.

Also DVD drive is not found on this notebook, simply because there’s no space for that. But you can get an external DVD burner if you want to use discs, they only cost around 30 dollars. You might also find some joy in the laptop’s SD card slot. And don’t forget that most – if not all – software, games and content can be downloaded from Internet anyway.

Networking is handled by the internal 2×2 802.11ac WiFi card. It supports Bluetooth 4.1 too, however RJ-45 port is not available. For that, you can always use USB to RJ-45 adapter.

A regular webcam with 1280×720 video resolution is installed in the system.

Something else to keep in mind?

The Dell is a very lightweight and thin machine. The maximum thickness is only 0.59 inches and weight just 2.8 pounds. It will be a breeze to carry this thing with you. The battery type is 4-cell 56Whr, it is said to last up to 11 hours in the ad copy, you’d better prepare for 7-8 hours in real life.

The keyboard has a backlight feature.


Dell XPS9350-4007SLV is a premium, power user oriented notebook with professional look and strong performance. No application or piece of software I can think of would lag here, and the 256GB SSD would still provide rather adequate storage for all your files without the need for cloud-based solutions. The compact screen size with thin body means this Dell works wonders for travelers and road warriors, and connectivity is great with the USB C port and A/C wireless card. The only big bad thing I can think of is gaming performance. It is sub-par, and for this price, a dedicated graphics could’ve surely been expected. But if you don’t mind that, there’s nothing speaking against getting this high-end Dell.

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