Dell XPS x8900-631BLK Power Desktop Review

December 14, 2015
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Did you know that desktops offer better performance for the same amount of money than laptops? So, if it’s the best bang for your buck you’re seeking, desktop should be your #1 choice. Dell XPS x8900-631BLK is one of the popular computers of late 2015, it has received pretty good reviews around the Internet. Here’s my opinion about it!

The good

Skylake-based processor – Yep, it’s a new 6th generation (Skylake) model called Intel Core i5-6400 here. Clock speed is 2.7GHz and turbo a high 3.3GHz. To put the performance in perspective, it reaches ~6500 points in CPU Mark, often modern desktop processors are in the 5000-6000 range.

Plenty of RAM – Of the desktop’s four memory slots two are in use, occupied by 4GB DDR4 sticks, so the RAM totals at 8GB. That’s a lot, and you can even upgrade it since two slots are free.

The neutral

Big but slow hard drive – Dell XPS x8900-631BLK is equipped with 1TB 720RPM SATA 3 hard drive. The good thing is, it gives you all the storage and space you’ll ever need. The bad thing of course is the slow data transfer rate: SSD would make the system run faster. Luckily you can choose another version of this Dell with SSD available, or install one yourself: two 3.5″ bays are free, so is one M.2 slot on the mainboard.

Sufficient connections – Nothing special on this front, but all the essential ports are there: six USB 3.0, four USB 2.0, 2xHDMI+DP+DVI+VGA (dual display support) and Gigabit RJ-45 for networking. But fear not, there’s also b/g/n WiFi card with Bluetooth installed.

Optical drive & memory card reader – Good for CDs and DVDs, however no BluRay support is available. The 19-in-1 media card reader works with any existing memory card format.

Monitor sold separately – You won’t get monitor with Dell XPS x8900-631BLK, but keyboard and mouse are included.

The bad

Dedicated but not fast graphics – There’s GeForce GT730 (2GB DDR3) graphics engine in the system. Yes, it’s a dedicated one, but not a big step up from integrated units. You can play many games, but GTA 5 would need low settings and 720p to get smooth +50FPS. It’s playable for sure, but eye candy will be minimum with many new games.

Summing it up

It makes sense to get a system like Dell XPS x8900-631BLK in case you want great performance for software, but not for new games. The Core i5 CPU will definitely handle any program without issues, and the GeForce card will allow quite smooth frame rates on games but only if you use lower settings. Connections should be all you need, there are plenty of video outputs and USBs to choose from. Just get a decent monitor for it and you got a great home/office desktop at your disposal!

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