Dell Inspiron io3045-555BLK Review

November 4, 2014
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All-in-One desktop is not the latest trend anymore, but new models still keep popping up now and then. Dell Inspiron io3045-555BLK is one of those handy computers where system unit, monitor, keyboard and mouse are all shipped neatly together. But the price isn’t necessarily higher than that of a normal system unit. This raises the question: what’s the catch? Or is there any? We’ll try to find that out below.

The main things

This All-in-One desktop has AMD E1-2500 as its processor. The vital stats are 1.4GHz clock speed and two cores. That processor is usually seen in small budget notebooks, and for a desktop it’s undoubtedly slow. For office and home it should just suffice, but playing games or doing other resource-intensive work is way out of its league.

4 GB memory, a good baseline amount for RAM, is installed in this computer. For storage, it offers regular 500GB hard drive. It’s not performance monster, but storing lots (thousands of) photos and pieces of music is possible on it. Don’t expect high speed from that drive though, as it runs on 5400RPM as opposed to faster 7200RPM hard drives, not even mentioning the speed modern SSDs could offer.

The OS for this Dell is Windows 8.1, the 64-bit version.

Graphics & Display

Dell Inspiron io3045-555BLK is bad choice for gaming. The processor has integrated Radeon HD 8240 responsible for the graphics. In terms of performance, it does bit worse job than the popular Intel HD Graphics 4000. Alas, you can say goodbye to new games loaded with eye candy (more so when the processor is also poor). You might be happy with the FPS though if you’re used to playing lightweight or older titles WoW, Fifas and Minecraft.

I can’t praise the display too much either. It’s 20 inches big, while usually modern desktops are accompanied with 22-24″ displays. The resolution stands at 1600×900. It’s not a Full HD which I would’ve definitely preferred, although your opinion might be different.


Dell Inspiron io3045-555BLK has two USB 2.0 ports and two USB 3.0 ports. It’s acceptable amount for a budget All-in-One desktop. However, as far as I know, there’s no HDMI or other video outputs, so using this computers with external monitors is not possible.

Getting Internet access is effortless. Your choices are either Ethernet RJ-45 port or WiFi with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

Typical for All-in-Ones, there’s a webcam installed on top of the monitor. I can’t comment on its resolution, but assume at least VGA-level (640×480) performance.

A tray-load DVD drive is installed on the right hand side, behind the screen. It reads and writes to CDs and DVDs.

According to specs and product images, there’s 4-in-1 media card reader available on the left. It should support at least SD memory cards.

What else to keep in mind?

The computer comes with bunch of pre-installed software. There are trials for Microsoft Office and McAfee antivirus program. Also some bloatware is probably installed, but getting rid of the unwanted software is fairly simple from the Control Panel’s Uninstall a program section.

In conclusion

Dell Inspiron io3045-555BLK is not flawed, it’s just very, very basic. There is enough performance for the simplest tasks, such as office programs and web surfing, but not much more. The All-in-One aspect of having monitor along doesn’t help if the computer lags all the time, but if you’re planning to get this computer only for lightweight stuff (like the ones mentioned above) the system should not slow down. If that’s your case, and you’re looking for convenience, getting All-in-One desktop like this is a good idea. If you want more performance, you should definitely look for traditional desktops that offer better performance for your buck.

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