Dell Inspiron i7459-7070BLK All-in-One Desktop Review

December 11, 2015
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It’s not that All-in-One desktops are cheap choices – after all they also include a big monitor – but one particular model, the Dell Inspiron i7459-7070BLK, seems to be quite expensive, even for AiO unit. Surely, there are powerful components like Core i7 processor and dedicated graphics card, but are they enough to justify the high price or not?

The good

Processor is golden – There aren’t many CPUs faster than the one located in this Dell. It’s called Intel Core i7-6700HQ and it’s a quad-core chip with 2.6GHz clock speed and 3.5GHz turbo. These numbers alone give clues as what to expect; CPU Mark benchmark compares this processor to others, giving the i7-6700HQ over 8000 points. Such a score is more than about 95% of processors get, so you’re really getting top-of-the-line CPU performance here.

Gamers should be quite happy – It’s pretty rare to find All-in-One desktop suitable for gaming. True, Dell Inspiron i7459-7070BLK is not a full-blown gaming machine but for many players it works. The graphics engine is a dedicated card, the GeForce 940M with 4GB DDR3 memory. For example, GTA 5 will end up at ~35FPS using high settings and 1366×768 resolution. Counter-Strike: Go will have FPS far more than 60 even if played on maxed out settings and 1080p.

Very healthy amount of RAM – There’s 16GB DDR4-type memory installed. The distribution is two 8GB modules, eating up the both memory slots on mainboard. Official specifications say sixteen gigabytes is the most you can have, but that should suffice for anybody.

Quality screen – It’s a good display here, the diagonal is 23.8 inches and Full HD (1920×1080) resolution is supported. Touch is enabled and the panel type is IPS. The camera on top of it supports 1920×1080 video resolution too, at 30 frames per second.

Connections – The ports selection is good for AiO model. There are in total six USB ports, four of those are USB 3.0. A specialty, both HDMI input and output are also present. This means you may connect a second monitor to this desktop and use the computer through that, or you can hook up a device like gaming console and play that through the Dell’s own monitor.

The neutral

Unusual but decent storage – Dell Inspiron i7459-7070BLK has both HDD and SSD. The hard drive is a regular 1TB 5400RPM model hooked to SATA 3 interface. There is also M.2 solid-state drive installed, however it only has a tiny 32GB storage.

Internet connectivity – A gigabit LAN port and basic 802.11n WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter are provided for networking.

Input devices – Wireless keyboard and mouse are shipped with this unit.

The bad

No DVD burner included – Even though it’s “All-in-One”, this Dell lacks an optical drive. Thus if you want to use discs an external DVD burner (with USB connector) must be acquired. Might be you also find some joy in the SD(HC/XC) & MMC card reader.

Summing it up

Whether Dell Inspiron i7459-7070BLK is suitable for you depends on your needs. Because for home user with lightweight activities, this computer would be an overkill. But a power user with agenda to run heavy applications, even 2015 games, should find this unit a good choice. The 6th Generation Core i7 processor and GeForce 940M graphics are that powerful, yes. The only bigger mistake is missing optical drive, although that’s why the monitor is so slim and neat. So, if you’re good with this kind of package, I recommend taking a closer look at it.

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