Dell Inspiron i7359-8404SLV Laptop Review

November 9, 2015
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Dell Inspiron i7359-8404SLV is a 2-in-1 notebook but a damn fast one: it’s powered by a 6th generation Core i7 processor, moreover there’s a lot of system memory and even a solid-state drive making sure programs (and perhaps some games) are handled without bigger problems. But the item is also pretty pricey, which might make you think if it’s a worthwhile choice at all…


As briefly noted above, the processor in Dell Inspiron i7359-8404SLV is indeed a 6th Gen Intel Core i7-6500U. The “caveat” for this CPU is its low voltage design. This energy efficient i7-6500U can’t be compared to its big brothers, such as Core i7-4720HQ: the former receiving ~4200 points and latter almost double, 8100 points, in CPU Mark tests. But fear not, with its two cores, 2.5GHz clock speed and 3.1GHz turbo this i7-6500U is still a very appropriate choice for power users and folks who don’t want to fight with laggy programs and whole system.

It’s just one SODIMM socket in the laptop, it’s taken by a 8GB 1600MHZ DDR3L-type chip. In another words, you have 8GB RAM and it can not be upgraded. Storage drive in this particular model is a 256GB (2.5″ SATA 3) SSD, indeed a true solid-state drive without moving parts. No extra drive slots are available, but a tech-savvy user could always replace the current unit with another drive.

Anything to say about the screen?

Dell Inspiron i7359-8404SLV should have a great display, considering users have left mostly positive comments about it, and considering the compact 13.3 inches features a 1920×1080 resolution. This, in fact, can be annoying for people with bad eyesight as the stuff on screen will look small. Adjusting resolution to, say, 1366×768 will help. Obviously, the screen is touch sensitive and as it rotates 360 degrees, can also be used in tablet and laptop modes.

Would this laptop work for gaming?

This notebook doesn’t certainly work for hardcore gaming due to its lack of dedicated graphics card. The graphics section consists only of Intel HD 520 engine integrated to the processor which, according to G3D Mark tests, is somewhat faster than Intel HD 5500. This, however, doesn’t change the fact it’s still an integrated unit, so be prepared to lower settings if you want good frame rates. To give you an example, by using medium details and 1366×768 you’re bound to get ~25FPS with games like GTA 5. A good thing if you’re into games such as League of Legends, those will get much better frame rates even with more eye candy on.

What connections are available?

Dell Inspiron i7359-8404SLV features three USB 3.0 ports for your favorite peripherals, including printers. The only video output is HDMI-out, but it should suffice for anybody wanting to plug in a HDTV or PC monitor.

For Internet access you’ll rely on the dual-band AC WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. There’s no RJ-45 port by default but don’t worry, with USB adapter you can get that too.

Another thing you won’t get is DVD burner, luckily an external optical drive connecting to USB port can be used here. The SD card slot might be handy too if you need to transfer files from/to phones or cameras.

A webcam featuring 1280×720 resolution is included, you’ll shoot a video or two with that, or talk with your buddies on Skype.

Are there other things to keep in mind?

It wouldn’t be unreasonable to travel with Dell Inspiron i7359-8404SLV – in fact, it’s quite good item for the road warrior, weighing just 3.66 pounds and the 3-cell 43Whr battery giving power for ~6 hours under WiFi browsing. Just don’t forget the battery’s an integrated one, you can’t replace it without removing the whole laptop bottom.

For this price, the keyboard is of course backlit.

Final thoughts

I’d imagine Dell Inspiron i7359-8404SLV would be an ideal option for somebody after convenience (the 2-in-1 design) and performance (i7 processor with SSD). You certainly shouldn’t need to worry about some applications slowing down the system, although with some games that can happen – switching to less demanding titles or lowering in-game details might help. Using this laptop for hours on battery will work, given that people have been getting at least 6 hours of use here. Many have also said it’s the best convertible laptop in this price range. I’m inclined to agree on that.

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