Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV Review

October 20, 2015
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What’s the most distinctive feature about Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV? Well, it’s a 2-in-1 laptop. Not so exciting thing anymore, it can nonetheless be useful if you don’t fancy carrying two devices with you. Another, more interesting feature for the technically-minded would be 6th Gen i5 processor. However, there are also some bad things in this notebook that might affect your plans to get it. I’ll tell you more about its shortcomings (and advantages too!) in the post below.

What can I do with it?

It’s effortless to run everyday programs, like web browser and office applications, with Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV. The Intel Core i5-6200U processor is easily enough for such programs, the CPU sporting a dual-core setup and 2.3GHz clock speed (although there’s also a turbo boost that ups the frequency to 2.8GHz). CPU Mark grade is around 3800, indeed a good one for people who use a lot of lightweight programs but don’t mind throwing in a heavyweight application, like photo editor, now and then.

The RAM amount is not massive here, just 4GB installed on a single DDR3L stick. Only one memory slot is available on the motherboard, meaning 8GB is the most this laptop accepts. Storage drive on this particular model is no better, only a 500GB 5400RPM hard drive – in case you’re looking for a faster configuration, there are also units that come with SSD, the price is of course more expensive as well. However, the RAM/HDD set-up here isn’t bad, it’s more than enough for regular home use. It’s only the power users that might want to look for more memory and perhaps a faster drive.

Don’t forget the 13.3″ touch display turns 360 degrees, you have a tablet and a laptop at your disposal. On the other hand, technical details aren’t excellent – the resolution, for example, is 1366×768. But for such a small display I guess the 720p goes.

And what are the things it’s not suitable for?

It’s the hardcore gamers that would be disappointed with this laptop. Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV comes with no graphics card that would use dedicated memory, hence the only thing you’ll get is an integrated unit called Intel HD 520. It can certainly run most games, but there’s a trade-off you have to make: lower the settings and resolution. For example, Grand Theft Auto 5 is expected to run at ~25FPS if played on medium settings and the screen’s native resolution, 1366×768. On the other hand, using that kind of settings on Counter-Strike: Go you’d get +60 frames per second.

What peripherals can I connect?

If it’s a printer, some kind of optical drive, keyboard etc. with USB connector you’re good to hook that up – Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV is equipped with three USB ports, all of them supporting USB 3.0. Connecting a television is also possible, the laptop has an HDMI output.

Of course optical drive is not included, there’s no room for that, but an external DVD drive can be used. The SD card slot can also be handy, for example you can slip in a memory card from your digital camera and upload photos to the computer.

Internet connectivity should be golden, there’s a dual-band WiFi supporting A/C standard and Bluetooth 4.0 at your disposal. An important note, RJ-45 isn’t available, but you can get that with a cheap USB dongle.

1280×720 webcam is fixed in the screen bezel, allowing you to shoot some YouTube videos or talk to your buddies in Skype.

Miscellaneous yet important things

Considering the small screen and power-saving components, the 3-cell 43Whr battery on Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV should last at least 4-5 hours under web surfing. The battery can be replaced but you need to remove the bottom for that.

The whole unit weighs 3.7 pounds, good for road warriors. The keyboard is backlit here. Operating system is Windows 10.

Final thoughts

The best thing about Dell Inspiron i7359-2435SLV is under the hood, a single component called Intel Core i5-6200U. It happens to belong to new generation of Intel processors, so strong CPU performance is present. However, what is not present is strong memory or hard drive – there’s just 4GB RAM and 500GB HDD available, enough for satisfying an everyday user but hardly sufficient for a professional. Gaming performance is also sub-par due to integrated graphics. The rotating screen is an useful thing to have, but it doesn’t fix the problems in system performance. That being said, if you’re an “average” home user, the memory and hard drive solution here are nothing to be worried about. For such a person, the Dell is decent choice but doesn’t offer extraordinarily good value.

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