Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV Laptop Review

December 8, 2015
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What’s there to do when a cheap and simple laptop can not satisfy your power hungry needs? Unfortunately, a pricier notebook must be acquired, something like Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV. It hosts an array of powerful components, such as Core i7 processor and abundant amount of memory. But would there be a reason or two to stay away from it..?

General performance

Let’s start with the good. The processor is ace here, the Core i7-6500U offers you 6th generation dual-core performance on 2.5GHz clock speed and 3.1GHz turbo. For the more technically minded I can tell the average CPU Mark is around 4300. That’s quite strong for a laptop, regular mobile processors are in the range of 3000-3500 these days.

Another thing you’ll like is the 16GB memory. It’s even a bit too much since anybody’s needs hardly ever go above 8GB. The memory is capped (two 8GB modules) but you indeed don’t have to worry about that.

There’s something bad in Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV too, at least for people who value extreme performance. The 2TB hard drive is a 5400RPM model, it can surely become a bottleneck if you’re used to solid-state drives. In that case, I recommend taking that drive out and putting an SSD in (there seems to be no M.2 slots). That will of course cost you money, but performance benefits will be huge.

Does it work for gamers?

This Dell isn’t the worst choice for gamers thanks to the dedicated Radeon R5 M335 graphics card. However, it’s not powerful for a dedicated engine, so you will need to use lower settings with new games. For example, expect around 40FPS with GTA 5 played using medium settings and 1366×768 resolution.

Ports and connectivity

Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV features three full-sized USB connectors, two of them are USB 2.0 and one is USB 3.0. To those you can plug in extra input devices or printer, for example. It’s also possible to use this notebook with an external display, such as HDTV, there’s HDMI-out for that.

You’ll find a tray load DVD burner on the side so working with discs isn’t going to be a problem. Slipping in memory cards is possible too, the SD card slot will make sure of that.

For Internet access you may use either the LAN (RJ-45 1000Mbps) port or the internal 802.11ac Wireless card that also supports Bluetooth 4.0.

The front-facing web camera offers 720p resolution.

Miscellaneous yet important things

The 17.3″ Full HD screen will offer you beautiful image, it’s also a touch sensitive display. Of course, such a big screen means big weight: the unit is rated at 7.5 pounds, not a very portable one in my opinion.

The 40Whr 4-cell battery will last the average 4 hours. Keep in mind it’s an integrated one so disassembling the laptop is required if you want to change it.

Keyboard should be backlit on this model.


Dell Inspiron i5759-8835SLV is one of the laptops that would put a smile on power user’s face. However, for fully take advantage of this kind of system, you should put in a solid-state drive. As that would make the already-expensive package even more pricier, this unit can not be recommended for the budget-minded. I would even go so far to say the price-performance ratio isn’t that good here; anyway should you invest in this Dell you will receive a notebook that won’t slow down even under heavy activities.

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