Dell Inspiron i5758-9286SLV Review

August 24, 2015
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Users wanting to operate heavier programs without system annoyingly slowing down need a lot of performance. A cheap, Celeron based laptop is not going to cut it – faster components under the hood are required. One ideal notebook for heavy-duty use might be Dell Inspiron i5758-9286SLV, with a sweet i7 processor, 16GB memory and large (but slow) terabyte HDD. So, without further ado, let’s see more what this laptop could offer to you.


After taking a look at its price, what can you see? Dell Inspiron i5758-9286SLV is an expensive notebook. It has expensive components. Fast components. Its processor is Intel Core i7-5500, a dual-core CPU offering a 2.4GHz clock speed with a nice 3.0GHz turbo boost. They usually put this thing in power user notebooks (the chip gets CPU Mark of ~4000 points while budget processors get 1000 or 2000 less), however it must be noted the i7-5500U is also a power efficient model. This decreases heat buildup to minimum, but also performance is sacrificed to a degree, with power hungry models such as i7-4720HQ reaching a score of whopping 8000 in CPU Mark. But fear not, even this low voltage i7 is a top-notch unit, no application should have hard times running on it.

Memory is bit of an overkill here. The Dell has 16GB RAM (DDR3L 1600MHz) installed on two eight gigabytes sticks. One would certainly be enough, I can’t probably name anybody who’d really need 16 gigabytes. They would have done a better job if they went with less memory but included a solid-state drive instead. The current 1TB 5400RPM drive is surely big, but it’s performance is far from SSDs. In essence, a person would benefit much more from a solid-state drive than 16GB memory. Luckily, SSD can be installed yourself if you know how to.

Display and graphics

Dell Inspiron i5758-9286SLV features a large 17.3″ screen with touch and 1080p support. There’s no tablet mode here (maximum screen angle is 135 degrees), but at least you can touch and swipe your way through Windows 8 as you like. Also free upgrade to Windows 10 is available, rumor has that Microsoft’s latest is once again convenient to use with keyboard and trackpad.

The Dell is lacking one thing these pricier models sometimes have: a dedicated graphics card. The graphics are provided by the integrated Intel HD 5500 chip. As people pointed out in the reviews, it’s very capable of running all sorts of Full HD video, but for the heavier thing – gaming – it’s just average. Few examples: You’ll end up with around 25FPS on GTA 5 running on 720p and medium settings. No Full HD for such a fancy game. The Witcher would get even less, ~10 FPS, unplayable in my opinion. However, lighter ones such as Minecraft, DotA 2 and WoW work fine on higher settings.


Dell Inspiron i5758-9286SLV can be connected to three USB devices simultaneously, but there’s only one USB 3.0 port, rather unfathomable for this high price. HDMI port is also there, it’s good for hooking up HDTV or desktop monitor.

To get to Internet, you’re able to use the Ethernet port (10/100Mbps RJ-45) or 802.11ac WiFi adapter. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported as well.

Like 17 inchers often do, also this notebook features a tray-load DVD writer. There’s also SD card reader which might come handy if you have DSLR (digital camera) and need to put photos to the computer fast.

The laptop comes with a 1280×720 webcam, good for meeting your distant buddies (or perhaps relatives) on Skype.

Other important things

No surprise, Dell Inspiron i5758-9286SLV isn’t wonderful for a road warrior. It weighs a nice 7.4 pounds, quite much more than compact 11.6″ ultrabooks of ~3 pounds. The included 4-cell 40Whr battery lasts, according to user reports, 4-5 hours under WiFi browsing.

The keyboard is backlit, just like it should be on an expensive model. Numpad is also there, located on the right hand side.

Final thoughts

I give points to Dell Inspiron i5758-9286SLV for fast processor, plenty of RAM and a nice Full HD display. These things should ensure relatively lag-free environment for power users, although I can’t help but list the hard drive as a disadvantage. A solid-state drive would indeed make this unit much faster, and to get most out of the Dell, you’d need to replace the drive yourself (meaning some extra costs). Another thing you should understand is the slow graphics card, so the just-mediocre gaming performance doesn’t come as a surprise. All in all, if you don’t care about gaming so much, this Dell should make an appropriate desktop replacement for home or even a companion for university student.

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