Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK Laptop Review

September 7, 2016
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These days many, if not all, people are dependable on computers. But this does not mean you necessarily need a fancy one – a basic laptop is enough for most folks. Such a general-use notebook is Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK, and in this review I’ll tell you about its good and bads!

The good

A home user does not need pristine performance, and Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK can surely offer everything required for web surfing and video streaming. Its AMD A8-7410 processor sports a 2.5GHz clock speed and four cores, with CPU Mark score being around 2600 (which is by the way same than older Intel Core i3s got). Another thing that is plenty for you would be the 8GB memory which you can upgrade to 16GB if need be.

A big screen is what you will also get – 17.3 inches in diagonal. The worse thing is the resolution: just 1600×900, not Full HD supported display. Well, if you’re watching movies you might not even see the difference. Touch is not unfortunately supported. You will find a 720p webcam embedded in the top bezel.

The neutral

I can’t help but criticize a bit the storage drive in Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK. It’s a SATA 3 hard drive with moving parts, offering you 1TB storage space and not too great a performance. Well, what is good, that a person with skills can always remove components (like the hard drive) and put in another one (like a fast solid-state drive).

The battery offers four cells and 40Whr, which translates to 5-6 hours of operating time. Remember it’s an integrated unit so replacing it is not feasible.

The included ports are two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0. You will also get HDMI output in case a monitor needs to be plugged in. You can use the 100Mbps RJ-45 port to connect to Internet or the WiFi adapter (802.11n standard with Bluetooth 4.0).

This computer features DVD burner and media card reader (SD, SDHC and SDXC standards).

The bad

Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK does not run triple A games! It would require a dedicated graphics card for those, however the only thing this computer has is integrated unit called AMD Radeon R5. Indeed, demanding games like Fallout 4 are too much, with FPS being well below 20. However, any browser-based game would work, and the same goes for simple types such as Sims 4.

The keyboard is not backlit (it never is in this affordable laptops).


The price of Dell Inspiron i5755-2858BLK might make you think there’s something wrong with it. Well, not really: it’s a decent home laptop with a huge hard drive and large screen. However I must admit that devil is in the details as there’s no Full HD support or dedicated graphics. However it wouldn’t be fair to expect them for this price. So, don’t hesitate to get this Dell if a very affordable yet useful laptop is what you want!

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