Dell Inspiron i5755-2143SLV Review

July 23, 2015
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Dell Inspiron i5755-2143SLV is a new mid-range laptop featuring quad-core processor, 4GB RAM and 1000GB hard drive. These notebooks are really a dime in a dozen, so it’s hard for the manufacturers to differentiate from the crowd. So, in this review I’ll tell if there’s anything special about this Dell, and more importantly if it’s worth its price tag.


Dell Inspiron i5755-2143SLV has a processor called AMD A8-7410. On paper, it has solid specs: four cores, 2.2GHz clock speed and 2.5GHz turbo. However, benchmarks show the reality of this CPU: it gets around 2900 points in Passmark tests, so it’s similar to some faster mobile i3s from the competitor Intel. You’ll have no issues running basic programs here, also if you sometimes need to run heavier applications – like Adobe Photoshop – this machine works for you. But a full-blown power laptop this Dell is definitely not.

The notebook has a low memory amount. There’s just one 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz SODIMM installed, although there’s also space for an additional chip. The maximum memory is 16GB which you can get with two 8GB sticks. If you frequently use beefier software you might want to get extra 4GB chip sooner than later.

Storage consists of a 1000GB 5400RPM hard drive. The interface is SATA 6 Gbps. Such a drive isn’t wonderful if you’re after absolute performance – a solid-state drive would be your choice in that case. Replacing the current hard drive is possible here. However, if you don’t need fast transfer rates but enjoy a huge storage instead, there’s nothing wrong with the default one.

Display and graphics

The most obvious thing about Dell Inspiron i5755-2143SLV is the large screen: a laptop with 17.3″ display might work well as a desktop replacement. However, a look at the specifications probably won’t make you too excited. The resolution is 1600×900, alright for many casual users, but I think 17.3″ works best with Full HD. Furthermore, the screen doesn’t support touch and it opens up to 135 degrees, so it can’t be used as a tablet.

The Dell is not a real gaming machine. It has an integrated Radeon R5 (Beema) responsible for graphics, with performance similar to older Intel HD chips. You’re able to play many games but unfortunately eye candy has to be turned minimum. For example, the popular GTA 5 should give +30FPS but to get that, resolution has to be 1024×768 and settings turned low. Easier games like WoW and Team Fortress 2 will work without problems.


It’s possible to hook up three USB devices simultaneously to Dell Inspiron i5755-2143SLV. The notebook features two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0. Also the obligatory HDMI out is available, if you prefer to use the notebook with HDTV or PC monitor feel free to do that.

A laptop this big has an optical drive, a tray-load DVD burner on the right to be precise. On the other side, there’s also SD card reader ready to accept a memory card from camera or another similar device.

Networking interfaces are pretty basic, a 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port and 1×1 802.11bgn WiFi card with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled.

There’s a basic HD webcam installed, it works for Skype video like any camera.

Any other important things?

These bigger notebooks are not best friends for travelers. For instance, Dell Inspiron i5755-2143SLV weighs a whopping 7.4 pounds and combined with the big 17″ screen it’s not too portable unit. Also, the 4-cell 40Whr battery is integrated, meaning you have to send the laptop to Dell service if you want to change it. By default, the battery will last ~4 hours if you’re surfing the web.

The keyboard has a 10-key pad on the right. The keys are not backlit on this model.

Summing it up

Dell Inspiron i5755-2143SLV works well for people who’re looking for a basic, rather low-cost desktop replacement. It has several advantages, such as a comfortably big screen and lots of storage for your files big and small. Connecting all the usual peripherals is possible as well. Bad sides include little RAM, slow hard drive and integrated battery – things that mostly matter to power users. As a home laptop this Dell goes, but for techies and professionals I’d recommend something with better upgradability and faster components.

4 thoughts on “Dell Inspiron i5755-2143SLV Review

  1. Panagiotis Graigos

    I WANT TO ASK IF THIS LAPTOP Dell Inspiron 5000 Series i5755-2143SLV CAN PLAY THE SIMS 4

    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      While this system is not a gaming laptop, it can surely play lightweight games like Sims 4. I’d expect at least 30FPS if you use moderate settings.

  2. Shayne

    How would this work for a college student mostly just surfing the web and writing as few papers as possible haha.

    1. Tech For Pennies Post author

      For that kind of activities any laptop is good. This Dell is affordable, although it’s a big notebook of 17.3 inches so carrying it around wouldn’t be convenient. But if you indeed want a big laptop, the Dell is about the cheapest one currently out there.


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