Dell Inspiron i5578-2550GRY Laptop Review

January 5, 2017
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Laptops from Dell are one of the better selling notebooks there currently are. I have noticed these computers to be rather high quality without costing too much – something that most Dell users agree about with me, I think. The company has also released a set of new convertible laptops recently, Dell Inspiron i5578-2550GRY belonging to that family. If you have been wondering whether the notebook in question is worth it or not, this review is an excellent read for you…

Performance in general

Many, dare I say all, software-related stuff can be done with Dell Inspiron i5578-2550GRY. The big part of this is due to processor, the dual-core Intel Core i7-7500, which brings a great 2.7GHz clock speed to the table. It’s even increased to 3.5GHz with the turbo boost feature. The i7-7500U is a better low-voltage processor with CPU Mark score of ~5300, only heavyweight processors that also use a lot more energy will surpass it in performance!

The computer has a good memory going on. On the motherboard resides a 8GB DDR4 2400MHz stick. Now, there are no extra slots for easy upgrade, but the current stick surely can be replaced. The maximum is 16 gigabytes.

A worse thing about this computer is the storage, as it’s only a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive. Because this kind of 2-in-1 laptop probably gets moved around and it hit things, an SSD without moving (= easily breaking) parts would be better. Well, this notebook also comes with solid-state drive if you choose another version, or then you install one yourself later!

Is this a gaming laptop?

Truth be told, Dell Inspiron i5578-2550GRY is not a gaming notebook at all. Such notebooks have dedicated graphics whereas this Dell only contains the integrated Intel HD 620. It works for older games, but expecting this to be a full-blown gaming machine is just wrong. For example, Minecraft and Counter-Strike: Go will pose no threat for this rig. However, you might want to tread carefully with types like GTA 5, they require low settings and resolution to reach even average ~30FPS.

How about ports and connections?

You can enhance your Dell Inspiron i5578-2550GRY with the most important devices, the laptop has ports for that. Present are three USB ports, of which two are USB 3.0 (the faster type yes). Naturally, also HDMI-output is there, it will take a PC display if you want to use another monitor.

The WiFi adapter is excellent, supporting dual-band ac standard and Bluetooth. One thing you must remember though, and it’s the missing RJ-45 port. So to get Internet connection with cable you must buy RJ-45 to USB adapter first.

Very rarely convertible notebooks sport DVD burners – this one doesn’t, either. But there is SD card slot, might be you’ll find that useful after all. A good practical use is to move data between laptop and some other computer using the SD memory card reader.

Does it have other interesting features?

Sure it does! One of the, even the main, selling point of Dell Inspiron i5578-2550GRY is the display. You see, the 15.6″ Full HD screen acts like a normal high-quality laptop display, but thanks to the 360-degree hinge it will lay flat like a tablet when you push it all the way. And yes, the image will look crisp thanks to 1080p resolution and IPS panel (the latter having positive effect on colors and viewing angles).

One webcam is available on this laptop. It’s located in the regular spot, in the middle of top screen bezel. You can shoot 720p video with it.

There’s a 42Whr 3-cell battery inside, and I say inside because it’s integrated – so takes great effort to replace it. The talk on the user reports is, the battery unit will be good for five hours and then a recharge is needed.

Backlit keyboard is included.


Dell Inspiron i5578-2550GRY combines the sought-after 2-in-1 functionality with some impressive performance. The notebook’s Core i7 processor plows through any piece of software you will throw at it. At the same time, a lot of data can be stored on the big (albeit tad slow) hard drive. The Full HD touch screen has received positive attention from users, and you can turn it into a tablet mode without effort. The notebook is a real example of true multi-use device – if this tickles your fancy, I can only recommend going for it!

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