Dell Inspiron i5578-0050GRY Laptop Review

October 20, 2016
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So, you might be interested in buying the Dell Inspiron i5578-0050GRY but are not sure if it’s really worth the price. Because for certain, this laptop is not an inexpensive one. Having Core i5 processor and solid-state drive takes its toll. Below are my thoughts and recommendations on this computer!

The good

The general performance of Dell Inspiron i5578-0050GRY is top notch, and starting with the storage, you get nothing less than 256GB solid-state drive. This kind of SSD of course offers less storage space than hard drive, but in exchange gives much better performance. In real life, this is manifested as Windows start up times which you can count in seconds.

Processor is also brand new, Intel Core i5-7200U, a 7th generation (mid 2016) model with dual core config, 2.5GHz clock rate and 3.1GHz turbo. Because it’s so new there aren’t benchmarks available yet, but you can naturally expect somewhat better performance than the previous Core i5-6200U has (4000 CPU Mark points). So again, demanding software welcome!

The display is useful! The 15.6″ screen with Full HD resolution is good for everyday computing and also light entertainment, such as movies. And on another level, it has a special hinge which you can turn 360 degrees, transforming the notebook into tablet. That’s not a new feature per se, but still useful to many. Panel type is IPS which provides 160 degree viewing angles, and refresh rate is 60hz. The front-facing webcam on top offers 720p at 30FPS video support.

The neutral

Dell Inspiron i5578-0050GRY contains 8GB DDR4 (2400MHz) RAM, a decent amount for an all-around computer. The maximum is 16GB and two memory slots are available all in all.

The USB ports in this machine are three, two feature the speedier USB 3.0 and one is USB 2.0. It’s also possible to enhance this unit with an external monitor thanks to the HDMI-out connector.

The notebook features no DVD burner (so get external one for discs if you want). The right side still sports a memory card reader.

You’ll get a fast 802.11ac dual-band WiFi & Bluetooth 4.0 adapter for networking, yet remember the machine has no RJ-45 port for cable.

“Great battery life” is advertised in the ad copy, but nothing concrete is given. Well, such a 3-cell 42Whr battery should last around 7 hours with web browsing. The battery is integrated, so replacing it will require extra effort.

There’s a backlit keyboard – in fact if there wasn’t it would be very strange considering the price.

The bad

Dell Inspiron i5578-0050GRY is not the first choice for gaming, not at all. It’s just the integrated graphics card (Intel HD 620) you’ll be getting here. For many 2016 games it’s just too much, but some older classics like GTA 5 (~30 FPS) and Battlefield 4 (~40 FPS) you can play on low settings and resolution.


There’s no doubt that power users would get the most utility out of Dell Inspiron i5578-0050GRY. If you have the tendency to multitask and use heavier software (like photo editors and programming), you need the processing power and memory this Dell offers. Also the SSD will make things run quickly, and boot the system in some seconds. The 2-in-1 Full HD screen is likewise useful. Gaming performance is far from good due to lack of dedicated graphics. Going for this kind of package means you get a solid laptop for all software-related work!

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