Dell Inspiron i5567-1836GRY Full HD Laptop Review

February 16, 2017
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So you want to spend your money on Dell Inspiron i5567-1836GRY but you’re not entirely sure if the notebook is worth it? In this case, I can already tell you the notebook in question has received pretty good reviews from folks who went and bought it. The laptop has been praised for its display and performance by many – but I can see some flaws in the computer right away. Do not skip this review if you want to find out my professional opinion on the machine!

Does it have good performance?

I would say the best thing in this, and many mid-range notebooks, is the processor. The CPU choice comes from the end of 2016, the Intel Core i5-7200U. It’s quite a typical laptop unit with two cores, 15W Thermal Design Power (= low voltage), 2.5GHz clock frequency and 3.1Ghz turbo boost. The performance gets better year by year, there’s a noticeable trend in benchmarks – CPU Mark gives this particular processor a strong ~4700 score.

The way I see it, laptops are best served by solid-state drives. But guess if this Dell has one? Nope! It’s the “good” old one terabyte 5400RPM hard drive you’ll find inside. If you want to upgrade that to an SSD you would need to take out the hard drive first. The reason is, the insides have only space for one drive – and no M.2 slot is present there.

There is 8GB memory installed which is satisfactory for most I believe. It’s on a single DDR4 2400MHz stick, and you can add another inside to the empty socket. The manual says 16GB is the maximum RAM this notebook supports. RAM upgrade along with SSD add-on are the easiest way to speed up a laptop, by the way.

Does it work for gaming?

The biggest hurdle with most not-so-expensive laptops, like Dell Inspiron i5567-1836GRY, is the gaming performance or lack of it. These come only with simple integrated graphics engines, no real gaming cards are found here. The chip in this laptop is called Intel HD 620. It uses the computer’s main memory because there’s no dedicated video RAM in it. You can expect low frame rates with most games from 2016 onwards, for example The Division and Far Cry Primal would run at ~20FPS using low settings and resolution. The popular GTA 5 would do a tad better, perhaps 30FPS. Games that are older, such as CS: Go or World of Warcraft, are not a challenge for this graphics engine however!

How about ports and connections?

The sides of Dell Inspiron i5567-1836GRY are sprinkled with some useful ports. You are going to find three USBs there altogether, one is USB 2.0 and two so-called SuperSpeed USB 3.0 connectors. The USB 3.0 ones are on the left hand side. Next to them is also HDMI-output which you can use to plug in an extra monitor.

Many laptops still come with optical drives, so does this Dell. It’s a regular DVD burner. There is likewise one SD card slot and the manual says it eats SD, SDHC and SDXC cards. A good utility for those is to transfer a lot of data from some device (like digital camera) to the laptop quickly.

The wireless card on this should be excellent, it supports the long-range 802.11ac dual-band standard and Bluetooth 4.2 too. A 100Mbps RJ-45 port is also included if you want to use Internet with cable. A slight disadvantage is the speed, most adapters are Gigabit Ethernet. However, this is not issue for any Internet use, more for transferring myriads of data over local area networks.

What other benefits it offers?

Well, Dell Inspiron i5567-1836GRY has a cookie-cutter screen with 15.6″ size and 1366×768 resolution. I read from some user reports that talked about good image quality, it’s possible but not very likely on these cheaper displays. The screen style is glossy and it is not touch sensitive. Like always, the top panel hosts a webcam which takes 720p video at 30FPS.

This unit comes with a standard 3-cell 42Whr battery. Remember it is an integrated model – not replaceable, that is. Dell likes to talk about great battery life, in reality it will be an alright 5-6 hours you get out of this.

The notebook’s keyboard is backlit.


Dell Inspiron i5567-1836GRY is the quintessential mid-range laptop with solid performance for software, poor graphics performance and mediocre screen. So, any program-related stuff you do on this computer will be a smooth sail, for that you can thank the Core i5 processor running inside. Gaming will be limited to last season titles because graphics card is a mere integrated unit. Image quality is crisp although somewhat hampered by the uninspiring 1366×768 resolution. All in all, for the money the Dell is still a good buy for someone’s home or office laptop.

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