Dell Inspiron i5559-7081SLV Laptop Review

February 9, 2016
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In case you’re a friend of multitasking and demanding, resource-intensive applications you need more than a basic laptop can offer. You need a power laptop, something like Dell Inspiron i5559-7081SLV. It boasts a nice Core i7 processor, Full HD screen and appropriate 8GB system memory. But the notebook is not all great, let me tell you what I think about it below…

The good

There surely are many good things to be said about the processor. It’s the Intel Core i7-6500U, and as you can see from the name, it’s a 6th generation model (with Skylake architecture). Being a low voltage model, the chip boasts a dual-core setup with 2.5GHz clock speed and 3.1GHz turbo. These energy efficient processors are not the fastest ones, this one receiving around 4300 points in CPU Mark tests. It’s not wonderful but will keep a power user happy for sure.

8GB memory is plenty, although you get the same amount in laptops almost half this price. There are two 4GB sticks installed and they eat both memory slots on the mainboard. Maximum RAM you can install is 16GB.

Dell Inspiron i5559-7081SLV has alright WiFi adapter, a dual-band 1×2 802.11ac one with Bluetooth 4.0 support. Also 100Mbps RJ-45 adapter is available.

The 15.6″ display looks like a good one, it features 1920×1080 resolution which might interest people working with images and videos. Touch is supported as well. Don’t forget the maximum operating angle is 135 degrees so you’ll find no tablet functionality here.

There’s a good enough webcam (1280×720 video resolution) for shooting some YouTube flicks.

The neutral

Dell Inspiron i5559-7081SLV has three USB ports, the usual number. Unfortunately, just one of those is USB 3.0 and two are the older USB 2.0 type.

There’s a full-sized HDMI output for plugging an external monitor.

The 4-cell battery is a removable unit, although you won’t get more than the typical ~4 hours with a single charge when browsing the web.

You’ll find a DVD burner on the unit. In case you don’t need the drive, I guess you can remove it and install a second storage drive there.

A media card reader is included, although it only supports the SD card format.

The bad

For this price, one can expect a great storage drive. However, what Dell Inspiron i5559-7081SLV has is a 1TB 5400RPM (SATA 3) hard drive – no SSD here. You can always install one, just keep in mind the system does not have extra slots or M.2 connectors. Hence, you need to remove the hard drive before installing SSD.

There’s a dedicated graphics card installed in the notebook, but the reason I list it as bad is that in reality, the AMD Radeon R5 M335 (4GB DDR3) is just marginally faster than integrated engines like Intel HD 5500. Many games will lag if you try ultra/high settings (like GTA 5 and Far Cry 4), although titles with less fancy graphics (including Minecraft and Sims 4) will run smooth even with a lot of eye candy.


Dell Inspiron i5559-7081SLV has a couple of strong points. The most obvious is the CPU, you won’t run out of processing power here. Another excellent feature is the screen, it’s a Full HD one offering plenty of screen estate for those who need it. But sadly, there is a slow hard drive in the storage section, and the graphics card can almost be compared to integrated Intel HD engines. For the money, I would’ve expected more. The laptop surely is fast, but the value it offers for current price is not that great.

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