Dell Inspiron i5559-4682SLV Laptop Review

May 6, 2016
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Dell Inspiron i5559-4682SLV, what are its advantages? Well, there is a power user proof Core i5 processor, huge hard drive and Full HD screen for the more demanding users. In addition, the price is quite low for the components. But the laptop is not all golden – let me tell you more about the computer’s good and bad sides!

The good

There’s no lack of processing power in Dell Inspiron i5559-4682SLV. The processor in question is Intel Core i5-6200U which offers you two cores and operates on 2.3GHz clock and 2.8GHz turbo frequency. For a laptop processor it gets a good score in CPU benchmark test, around 3900 points. If you’re well-versed in software like Photoshop or programming, this processor will surely be able to handle it all.

Memory solution is ready for heavy-duty too: there’s 8GB RAM installed, you can upgrade it to 16GB with 2x8GB sticks (however I can’t say how many sticks are currently in).

A beautiful screen is included, a 15.6 inches Full HD display featuring touch and 1920×1080 resolution. Just remember you can’t utilize the Full HD resolution with newer games, the graphics engine is quite weak here. The webcam supports 1280×720 resolution for video.

The keyboard has backlight feature.

The neutral

I’m not going to give any extra points to the storage solution of Dell Inspiron i5559-4682SLV. It’s one terabyte hard drive – the spinning one – with 5400RPM spindle speed. I can see many people desire to change it for SSD; you can do it at least yourself (the drive is hooked to SATA 3 interface). There are no free SATA or M.2 slots inside.

The 4-cell battery on this Dell will last a maximum 5 hours under light use (like web browsing), so users say. It’s also a removable model if you want to change the battery.

Set of connections is enough for basic use: two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and one HDMI-out for connecting a secondary monitor. 100Mbps RJ-45 controller is included for networking using cable, and 802.11ac WiFi adapter works for wireless networking (Bluetooth 4.0 included).

There is an optical drive in case you want to use DVDs (or older CDs). Also SD card reader is there, you can slip in SD memory cards and upload their content to the laptop.

The bad

Pretty obvious thing, but don’t forget the gaming performance of Dell Inspiron i5559-4682SLV is not top notch. That’s because the graphics engine is a mere integrated unit, the Intel HD 520. It’s not a horrible idea to play games here, but remember you need to use less eye candy to make FPS playable. To give you an example, Grand Theft Auto 5 would operate at ~25FPS if you used low settings. Minecraft would run better than that, it’s quite a lightweight title.


Dell Inspiron i5559-4682SLV is an affordable laptop of high processing performance with a beautiful Full HD screen. Obviously, this kind of a set-up is perfect for any kind of software use, but there is one flaw: gaming. You can’t expect good frame rates due to integrated graphics. Not even the Full HD screen will help you with that. But a good thing is, if you don’t care about gaming, none of this matters to you. In that case, do check out this inexpensive Dell!

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