Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV Notebook Review

February 16, 2016
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In this review, I’ll tell you whether Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV is a good choice or not. Surely on paper, it looks all great: Core i5 processor, plenty of RAM and a big hard drive. But things are not always so simple and there are some less-advertised, dare I say hidden, aspects of this computer you need to know before making the decision to purchase it…

The good

Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV has a popular laptop processor, the Intel Core i5-6200U. It’s a low-voltage chip (TDP 15W), comes with two cores, a 2.3GHz clock speed and maximum 2.8GHz turbo boost. The i5 series has been known as power user friendly, and this particular i5-6200U is no different – things like video editors would run on this computer. For those who’re interested, the CPU Mark score for this processor is ~3900.

In addition to the processor, RAM is also good here. There’s 8GB memory (again low-voltage DDR3L) installed and it will help you with those heavier programs and running many things at the same time. The 8GB is configured on two 4GB sticks on the motherboard, and maximum RAM you can install is 16GB.

You can slip in memory cards (SD) and transfer data from cameras etc, there’s a card reader for that.

The neutral

Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV has a big but slow storage. It’s a 1000GB 5400RPM hard drive connected to SATA 3 port. Surely it can take about 200 DVD’s worth of data, however performance is much better with SSDs. If you want that, take the hard drive out first – there are no free slots or M.2 connectors available.

A tray-load DVD burner is installed, I don’t know if you need it, maybe. If you find it redundant, you can remove the optical drive (dimensions 10.3 x 14.9 x 1 inches) and put a solid-state drive in place I imagine.

The display looks average, with 15.6″ diagonal and 1366×768 maximum resolution. A good thing for some, touch is supported. It won’t turn past ~135 degrees so this system doesn’t operate in tablet mode.

Ports for peripherals are nothing special, there are two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and one full-size HDMI available.

Communications include 802.11ac dual-band WiFi adapter with Bluetooth 4.0 support and 100Mbps RJ-45 port on the side. The wireless card is excellent, but not everybody likes the 100Mbps speed on the Ethernet card as many others offer 1000Mbps rates.

The battery is a removable one, that’s a desirable feature, however it’s not a very beefy unit (4-cell 40Whr). You’ll get the usual 3-4 hours operating time before you need to recharge it.

The bad

It’s not a good idea for a hardcore gamer to choose Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV. The reason is simple: it doesn’t have a dedicated graphics card, only a tiny Intel HD 520 chip integrated on the processor. That small Intel HD chip doesn’t have great performance, which in reality means you need to use very conservative settings if playing newer installable games – some might not even run. For example, you can expect a bit choppy ~25FPS if playing GTA 5 using normal (low) settings and 1366×768 resolution. But a good thing, older games like Counter-Strike: Go and all those that run on the browser work without issues.


Primarily I would recommend Dell Inspiron i5559-4415SLV for power users who don’t have a knack for gaming. The system is perfect for heavier software use: it features a Core i5 workhorse (6th generation, of course) and 8GB system memory will help with multitasking efforts. The large hard drive shall house all the files you’ll ever have – however for the best performance, you need to change the HDD for a solid-state drive. The only group that would be disappointed are the gamers, as this laptop has just a feeble CPU-integrated chip for graphics rendering. But it’s definitely a noteworthy rig if no gaming, just demanding software, is your cup of tea!

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