Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV Touchscreen Laptop Review

October 26, 2015
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Dell has an edge over many competitors in the US: it’s a Texas based company, and why wouldn’t Americans trust an American product? That’s undoubtedly a good argument for the corporation (although components themselves are manufactured far away in Asia). Anyway, one of the company’s latest models, Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV, is made to appeal to the more demanding folk, with Core i5 processor and 8GB RAM being situated in the engine room. Let’s examine this unit further and determine if it’s really as good as it looks on paper…

General performance

The processor is more than alright in Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV. See, it’s not old but a brand new one, called Intel Core i5-6200U and belonging to the just-released 6th Generation. Specs-wise, it sports a 2.3GHz clock speed, 2.8GHz turbo and a dual-core setup, and according to CPU Mark its ~10% faster than the older model i5-5200U. These i5s are generally known as “power user friendly” choices, as in they tend NOT to lag and freeze even under heavy use. And because this new i5-6200U has better performance than the predecessors, that statement should be true especially here.

Another good thing people after heavyweight performance appreciate is the memory amount. It’s 8GB in this system, two 4GB DDR3L 1600MHz sticks are installed inside. If you for some reason want more, just replace the sticks and get a maximum 16GB with two 8GB modules.

The hard drive can’t be praised a lot because it’s indeed a hard drive, not SSD. One terabyte for storage is available though, so you won’t at least ever run out of space. But the 5400RPM speed might not work for you if it’s a quick system you want – in that case, the only way to better the performance would be to replace the HDD with SSD as there are no M.2 slots inside.


It’s funny, in some laptops even cheaper than this, the display is physically small 13.3″ but resolution is 1080p. Well, with Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV the case is exactly the opposite: screen size is 15.6 inches and resolution 720p (1366×768). It’s inconvenient for those used to Full HD but still far from a catastrophe: 1366×768 is the most used resolution, even in late 2015. Of course that doesn’t tell what display size those people are using, but it’s safe to assume that most websites and applications are geared towards the 720p folk.

The display is also touch sensitive, although I can’t say how much it will help with Windows 10 that should be good to use with keyboard and touchpad. The maximum operating angle is 135 degrees, in another words there’s only one mode you can use this computer in: laptop (not tablet).


Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV is not very attractive choice for gamers because it has no dedicated graphics card. The graphics engine is integrated Intel HD 520, using shared memory, and the unit should have similar performance than Intel HD 5500. For example, with the HD 5500 the popular GTA 5 reaches ~25FPS using medium settings and 720p resolution. On the other hand, you’re able to get around 30FPS with high settings and 1080p playing less requiring games like CS: Go.


There’s nothing interesting in the ports configuration, you’ll get one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0 to plug in extra input devices, printers, cameras etc. Using the laptop through HD television is also possible via the notebook’s HDMI output. Discs are accessible thanks to the built-in DVD burner, so are memory cards because of the included SD card slot.

There’s a quality WiFi interface at your disposal, it supports dual-band 802.11ac standard and Bluetooth 4.0. Also 100Mbps Ethernet controller is available, you’ll be able to hook up network cable to the laptop’s RJ-45 port.

The computer features a webcam with the ability to film 1280×720 video.

Other important things

What comes to weight, Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV is a typical 15.6″ model at 5.4 pounds. Also, there’s the regular 4-cell 40Whr battery which you shouldn’t expect to last a full day – around four hours is the best guess. Luckily the battery can be removed easily if you want to switch it for a better one.

Backlit keyboard is found on this model.


The attractiveness of Dell Inspiron i5559-4413SLV revolves around the processor. As I’ve said before, new usually equals exciting, and the i5-6200U is certainly a new CPU. But it’s not just that, it’s definitely a powerful one – even so powerful I’d call it a good choice for techies and power users who don’t like multitasking or heavyweight programs take a hit from a slow CPU. Also the amount of system memory is helpful if you want to keep things running smooth and nice, however the storage section could benefit from an upgrade. In addition, it’s sad to see no Full HD support for this price, that’s an obvious disadvantage here. If you’re OK with that (+ quite poor gaming performance) I think the Dell should satisfy your laptop hunger for years to come.

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