Dell Inspiron i5559-1080BLK Notebook Review

April 7, 2016
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Want a new notebook, perhaps your old one has worn out? Dell is the go-to brand for many; a decent company whose products (laptops!) are often affordable yet of acceptable, or even high, quality. One of their newer computers is Dell Inspiron i5559-1080BLK, an inexpensive Pentium powered notebook. Let me tell you more about its advantages – and shortcomings – below!

How is the performance?

The performance of Dell Inspiron i5559-1080BLK is far from top-notch, but what wouldn’t work for a casual user, eh? The processor is Intel Pentium 3825U, it’s a dual-core chip of 1.9GHz clock speed (and no turbo). Even though it’s a Pentium, you will find its performance similar to 4th Generation Core i3s (around 2600 points in CPU Mark). So not bad, also the 4GB memory is good for general use – however if it’s not enough, you can up it all the way to 16GB (two memory slots).

The 500GB 5400RPM (SATA 3) hard drive is nothing to get excited about, it’s going to do its job but do not expect performance like SSD. That said, you can surely install SSD, just remove the HDD first to make space for one (no M.2 slots on this machine).

Would gamers dig it?

Gamers wouldn’t really dig Dell Inspiron i5559-1080BLK. Such a low-cost laptop does not include a dedicated graphics card, so all you’ll get is Intel HD Graphics which is an integrated chip. Games like GTA 5 hardly run on it (FPS 20 or less on low settings), but you will have luck with easy-on-the-graphics titles such as Sims 4 and FIFA series.

How about ports and connections?

Ports are, unsurprisingly, pretty basic on this Dell. The sole video output is HDMI, you can hook for example HDTV to that and use the laptop via your television. Another ports are one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0, connecting devices like printers is possible to those. A 100Mbps RJ-45 port can be used for wired networking, although rest assured there’s also a built-in WiFi (dual-band AC standard + Bluetooth 4.0) card.

DVD burner is there, good if you need it, don’t have to get an external one. SD card slot is present as well, you are able to transfer photos from cameras using that.

Miscellaneous things and benefits

The screen of Dell Inspiron i5559-1080BLK shouldn’t be anything fancy, a 17.3″ display with entry-level 1600×900 resolution. Full HD would be much better for that size, it’s just that for this price Full HD rarely happens. Touch is not supported. Inside top bezel, there is a 1280×720 webcam installed.

Battery (4-cell 40Whr one) is integrated, replacing it will take quite much effort. Four hours is what you should get before recharge is needed.

Keyboard has no backlight feature.

Summing it up

Dell Inspiron i5559-1080BLK is a mainstream laptop, not too slow but not very high-performance either. Running everyday programs (like Chrome browser, Office applications and Skype) are no issue, but moving on to gaming would cause some problems, at least poor frame rates. Reason is the low-end graphics card. That’s of course sad for players, but in case you don’t want to game anyway, this simple Dell should be a good pick for most home and office users.

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