Dell Inspiron i5558-8571SLV Review

July 22, 2015
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It’s the budget laptop that seem to be Dell’s main focus, but that’s not all the company produces. Dell Inspiron i5558-8571SLV is proof, boasting quite powerful things under its hood, mainly the i7 processor, 16 gigabytes memory and a 1000GB hard drive. These components are far more what a basic user needs, catering more for the power user and professional. In this review, you’ll find my opinion if such a notebook is worthy of buying or just a piece of junk.


Looking at the price tag you can expect Dell Inspiron i5558-8571SLV to be a heavy performer. Indeed, there are some top-notch components in it, such as the Core i7-5500 processor. It’s one of the Intel’s latests, featuring a dual-core design with 2.4GHz clock speed and turbo of 3.0GHz. CPU Mark gives it ~4000 points, much more compared to regular i3 laptops (2500-3000 points). As another reviewer said, the computer is more than enough for basic use (word processing, video streaming etc), meaning there’s adequate performance also for heavier type of use, image and video editing for example.

The computer comes with maxed out 16GB dual-channel 1600MHz DDR3L memory. The amount should definitely suffice for power users – cheaper laptops still ship with 4-6GB RAM and many people are happy with that.

One thing that’s not so good here is the storage selection. You’ll get a 1000GB 5400RPM (SATA 6 Gbps) hard drive, surely a lot of space, but not so much of performance. If you’re after better transfer rates, in another words you want to make the computer feel faster, you can take the default drive out and replace it with an SSD.

Screen and graphics

Dell Inspiron i5558-8571SLV has a 15.6″ screen with some useful features: Full HD resolution and touch support. If you have a source that outputs 1920×1080 video you will have no problems watching such content here. The touch support is handy tool for getting used to Windows 8.1 – also Windows 10 (you’ll get a free upgrade) will utilize touch, although it’s rumored the interface is improved and not so confusing as in Windows 8.

Graphics is one of the worse things in this laptop. See, as there’s no dedicated graphics card, you are left with an integrated Intel HD 5500. The chip can play most games – even GTA 5 – alright, but not on maxed out settings and high resolutions. With the said GTA game you’ll get around 20 FPS on medium details and 1366×768. It’s a heavy title, so if you enjoy lighter ones – such as Minecraft or Sims 4 – you’ll get better frame rates.


Similar to other 15.6″ laptops, Dell Inspiron i5558-8571SLV contains three USB ports. Too bad just one is USB 3.0, more could’ve been expected for this price. For hooking up a monitor you’ll also get an HDMI output.

It seems they installed a quality dual-band AC WiFi card in this machine, so connecting to wireless networks will be a walk in the park. A 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port is also offered for people who prefer the cable. Bluetooth 4.0 is installed as well.

Burning DVDs works here, there’s a tray load DVD writer installed. 3-in-1 media card reader is available on the left, you can put in an SD card and upload data from that.

The notebook comes with a 1280×720 webcam, good enough for having video chats now and then on Skype.

Anything else to keep in mind?

According to the official manual, Dell Inspiron i5558-8571SLV weighs 5.27 pounds. Somebody had commented it’s heavy, and it’s true if you compare it to MacBooks. However, other Windows-based 15.6″ laptops weigh more or less the same so I wouldn’t complain too much.

The 40Whr 4-cell battery is removable which is a plus. It will last 4-5 hours web browsing.

The keyboard is backlit on this model.


Dell Inspiron i5558-8571SLV has its strong sides, mainly for the people who use heavy programs but don’t game so much. Because this thing has an excellent CPU, RAM and storage which run any software no problems. It’s the gaming performance that is lacking, there’s just an integrated graphics unit here, no dedicated card at all. Given this fact, and the high price of this item, I can’t call the notebook excellent value. It’s not poor either, but if it had a decent gaming graphics it would be a killer. Currently, it’s just an average power user friendly laptop. If that’s what you’re interested in, going for the Dell is not a bad idea anyway.

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