Dell Inspiron I5558-1415BLK Notebook Review

July 11, 2016
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It’s never a bad idea to check out the latest budget laptops… Who knows if you need one? These affordable systems can be used for day-to-day activities while your wallet stays happy. Here is one example, the Dell Inspiron I5558-1415BLK, and I’m taking a closer look at it in this detailed review below!

Who is it good for?

If your computer use consists of lightweight activities, Dell Inspiron I5558-1415BLK is a good pick. The main components are Intel Core i3-4030U processor (two cores, 1.9Ghz clock speed, ~2700 CPU Mark score), 6GB RAM (maximum 16GB) and a 500GB SATA3 hard drive. Yep, they are budget ones, but certainly enough for home or small office use.

The screen supports touch which some people find a desirable feature – although in my experience Windows 10 Home works fine without one.

Who is it bad for?

It must be said that Dell Inspiron I5558-1415BLK is not much of a power user’s laptop. I wouldn’t want to run heavyweight software on a daily basis on this 4th generation Core i3 processor. Also the display might bother some: it’s 15.6″ diagonal however the 1366×768 resolution isn’t well-liked among professionals, many prefer Full HD.

Another thing you should know is the gaming performance. Such a laptop doesn’t feature a dedicated graphics card, so what you are left with is the old, integrated Intel HD 4400 chip. It’s not really up to today’s standards and many new games can be played only (if at all) on low settings. That includes GTA 5 which would give ca. 25 frames per second. The situation is naturally better with older titles, those including for example Counter-Strike: Go which would produce smooth FPS using high presets.

Miscellaneous things and features

Of course, there are the ports which you can use to plug in peripherals to Dell Inspiron I5558-1415BLK. You can choose from the three USB (one USB 3.0 and two USB 2.0) connectors or one HDMI-output which works with HDTVs as well. The 100Mbps RJ-45 port is good for getting Internet access but of course there’s also a WiFi adapter (AC standard + Bluetooth) if you want the wireless way.

This notebook has a DVD burner, so if you need to access discs you don’t have to get an external adapter. What is more, there’s a media card reader for SD standard which allows for data transfers to and from the notebook using those memory cards.

The 4-cell battery is advertised as having 7.5 hours operating time. I’d take that with a grain of salt, more like 4-5 hours under lightweight use is your best bet.


Make no mistake about it, Dell Inspiron I5558-1415BLK is not too powerful a laptop. This however shouldn’t come as a surprise to you because of the low cost. And for this price you will get a decent home notebook for all those YouTube videos and paper editing tasks. There’s nothing that sticks out like a sore thumb, so if your expectations are not too high, getting this Dell is a recommended move!

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