Dell Inspiron i5548-2501SLV Review

June 30, 2015
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Dell Inspiron i5548-2501SLV is a notebook released in Spring 2015, featuring capable components such as i5-5200U processor and 8GB system memory. The terabyte hard drive should also be useful – at least if it’s huge storage you are after. But the most important question is: Does the laptop offer good value for your money? That’s what we will answer below…

Is the performance good for program X?

Dell Inspiron i5548-2501SLV has decent performance, good for most programs a casual user might run on his computer. The processor is Intel Core i5-5200U, a 5th generation model with dual-core design, 2.2GHz clock speed and 2.7GHz turbo. It’s promised a ~10% increase from the predecessor i5-4200, the new one reaching around 3500 points in CPU Mark. It’s a fine mid range processor, all the usual stuff like HD content streaming and browser gaming are no problem for this i5-5200U.

Dell Inspiron i5548-2501SLV has two 4GB (DDR3L 1600MHz) memory sticks installed, so the total RAM is 8GB. You can of course replace the sticks for bigger ones. The maximum system memory is 16GB, achievable with two 8GB sticks.

A mechanical 1000GB 5400RPM hard drive is the storage selection here. It’s good for huge amount of data, although many don’t have so many big files but prefer a fast laptop. In that case, you can swap the hard drive for an SSD no problem. The system accepts any 2.5″ SATA solid-state drive.

Is the screen decent at least?

There’s a 15.6 inch touch screen in Dell Inspiron i5548-2501SLV. The display has no great resolution, just 1366×768, but it should get the job done. As usually, refresh rate is 60hz. The screen won’t flip past ~135 degrees, this notebook can only be used in laptop mode.

Does it run my games smoothly?

The graphics of this notebook are handled by the integrated Intel HD 5500 chip. Alas, there’s no fast gaming card, but you can probably survive with the current one. Just keep low details on heavier games. For example, I’ve seen people playing GTA 5 on this processor + graphics engine and have 25 frames per second on low settings and resolution. Naturally, browser-based games and other lightweight titles such as WoW, Sims 4 and Counter-Strike: Go will have no problems even with eye candy on.

Can I plug in my peripherals?

Dell Inspiron i5548-2501SLV accepts many kinds of peripherals. It features three USB ports, of which two are USB 3.0. Connecting a television or PC display is possible to the notebook’s HDMI output.

The laptop supports both cable and wireless networking. It has 100Mbps RJ-45 port and a 802.11A/C WiFi adapter that also works for b/g/n networks. Bluetooth 4.0 is enabled as well.

The unit contains no optical drive. In another words, if you want to use (or burn) discs, you must get an external DVD burner. They are however small and cheap, around 30 bucks. Also, if you have memory cards, the laptop’s built-in SD/MS card slot might come handy.

There’s a front-facing web camera in this notebook, so open up Skype video chat if you wish.

Anything else you should know about?

According to the manual, Dell Inspiron i5548-2501SLV weighs 5.25 pounds – not really different from competitors. The laptop features a 3-cell 43Whr battery that lasts ~4 hours.

The keys light up on this model, also a numeric keypad is available on the right hand side.

The operating system is Windows 8.1 (64-bit).

Summing it up

Paying over 500 bucks for a laptop makes sense if you can appreciate all the performance such a computer has to offer. Indeed, the Core i5 processor coupled with 8 gigabytes memory can be considered a power user setup, meaning that vast majority of software would not lag on Dell Inspiron i5548-2501SLV. Sadly the screen is not Full HD but the unit contains some premium features nonetheless, such as backlit keyboard and AC wireless networking. It looks like another solid Dell, somebody looking for a heavier-duty laptop should not be disappointed with this computer.

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