Dell Inspiron i5547-7500sLV Review

July 21, 2015
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Dell Inspiron i5547-7500sLV is one of the better selling touchscreen laptops. It features specs that should please power users, with components like Core i7 processor and terabyte HDD residing under its hoods. Because the model has been so popular, there must be a lot of good things in it, but are there any bad, less obvious aspects that one might not easily notice? That’s what we’ll tell you below.


There’s plenty of performance for heavy programs in Dell Inspiron i5547-7500sLV. The laptop relies on Core i7-4510U processor (2.0Ghz with 3.1GHz turbo), and despite its low power design, the i7-4510U manages to get strong ~4000 points in CPU Mark tests. It’s a bit overkill for very basic software, but if you have a knack for beefier programs (Photoshop as an example) this kind of i7 processor would be a great choice for you.

Eight gigabytes system memory is installed in the notebook. It is the DDR3L type RAM, with two 4GB sticks taking the both memory slots on the mainboard. Specifications say that 16GB is the maximum, so upping the RAM is possible.

Storage drive is big but slow. It’s indeed a 1024GB 5400RPM SATA hard drive. As you might know, it can house huge amount of data – like around 200,000 JPEG images – but can’t serve the files too fast. To combat this issue, and if you don’t need so much space, you might want to swap the HDD for SSD. It’s possible, for example Samsung EVO works with this Dell. Just keep in mind no mSATA is available, multiple storage drives at the same time are not supported.

Screen and graphics

Dell Inspiron i5547-7500sLV has a 15.6″ touchscreen supporting 1366×768 and 60hz refresh rate. The resolution is pretty bad given the cost, you can find a Full HD notebook for this price. However, other things about the display seem fine, people thanked it for accurate colors and sharpness. The screen hinge wont turn more than usually, so you can’t use this thing in a tablet mode.

Bad news for gamers, this notebook does not feature dedicated graphics. Instead, there’s the Intel HD 4400 integrated graphics unit handling your games. It is enough for types like Minecraft, Sims 4 and web-based titles, but many newer games are too taxing for the HD 4400 I’m afraid. For example, GTA 5 gets ~20FPS which is just playable, but that will only happen on low details and 1366×768 resolution.


The connections of Dell Inspiron i5547-7500sLV don’t really differ from other 15.6″ notebooks. You’re offered three USB ports, two being USB 3.0. HDMI output is available as well, hook up HDTV or another monitor to that if you want.

Optical drive is not installed in the laptop, so what to do if you want to use discs? Easy, get an external DVD burner for ~25 bucks and connect it to USB. You can also use the integrated 5-in-1 card slot for some data uploads.

About network connectivity I can’t complain, you’ll get 100Mbps Ethernet (RJ-45 port) and Intel AC 3160 dual-band WiFi card with Bluetooth 4.0 support.

There’s also 720p webcam in the laptop, meaning video chats are no problem here.

Other relevant things

Dell Inspiron i5547-7500sLV is as traveler-friendly as any 15-inch laptop. It weighs 5.25 pounds, has height of 0.9 inches and comes with a 3-cell 43Whr battery. Getting around 5 hours operating time when surfing the web on power saver mode should be possible.

Backlit keyboard is featured, as well as a 10-key pad on the right.


The main points why someone might want Dell Inspiron i5547-7500sLV are its powerful components and touch support display. You can do a lot of things with i7-4510U processor and 8GB memory, including many heavier programs, although gaming might not be enjoyable due to integrated graphics. Because the laptop has appropriate size, 15.6 inches, it can be very well used as a desktop replacement too. The price is higher than a basic notebook’s, but in return you’re getting a system that shouldn’t feel sluggish to use. The main disadvantage is 1366×768 screen, if you can live with that I don’t see any big blunders here.

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