Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV All-in-One Desktop Review

March 25, 2016
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All-in-One style desktop is what you seek, right? Well, how about Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV. It’s indeed one of the better models containing a beefy Core i7 processor, huge RAM setup and excellent one terabyte hard drive. But it’s not a flawless item either: let me introduce you to this unit in the review below…

Is it good for program X?

The short answer is yes. You see, this computer is packed with powerful components. The most obvious is the Intel Core i7-6700T – a (very!) heavyweight quad-core processor of 2.8GHz clock and 3.6GHz turbo speed. Now those numbers alone don’t tell everything, so let’s take a look at benchmark tests. Well, in CPU Mark this processor gets around 9000 points. That is an outstanding score; most desktops fall behind that. When it comes to running software, you will have absolutely no problems as far as the processor is concerned.

The memory situation of Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV is also excellent. The computer contains 12GB RAM, I believe it’s installed on four and eight gigabyte sticks. It is plenty, however I’m not sure if you can upgrade it easily. But the chances are you don’t need to, such a memory amount is good for pretty much any task.

The hard drive capacity for this unit is a huge 1TB, however the spindle speed is only 5400RPM – say goodbye to those transfer rates you see in modern laptops equipped with solid-state drives. You might be able to install SSD here, at least if you remove the hard drive first.

Would also gamers like it?

Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV is not ideal for gamers because it’s missing a real, dedicated graphics card. This is actually very common for All-in-Ones. What you’re getting, instead, is Intel HD 530, an integrated chip on the processor. It’s not a catastrophe but means that playing with a lot of eye candy is not going to work. You can still expect alright FPS if you can play with reduced settings: for example, GTA 5 will run at ~30FPS on low settings and 720p. Counter-Strike: Go would give you around 35FPS if you play on high settings and 1920×1080 resolution.

How about the connectivity?

You can surely plug in a peripheral or two to Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV. The desktop contains six USB ports of which two are USB 2.0 and four are USB 3.0 – you can connect things like printer or external drive to those.

There are also HDMI input and output for you, it means you can hook up a second monitor here. It also means you can use the monitor of this desktop with your gaming console or other device that sends HDMI signal.

Audio ports include the usual microphone and headphone connectors.

You may connect the desktop to Internet with the Gigabit Ethernet adapter, or use the high-quality 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter if wireless is your thing.

Tray load DVD burner (works with CD and DVD) is included, as well as SD card slot for small memory cards – a practical use would be to upload files from your digital camera with that.

Other things to keep in mind?

Of course, Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV includes a great monitor. To be honest, it’s like any desktop display with its 24 inches diagonal and Full HD resolution. It’s a touch screen and IPS is the panel type – viewing angles should be ca. 180 degree here.

Such a desktop includes webcam, it’s good for Skype chatting or just filming some videos for YouTube.

Wireless keyboard and mouse are also shipped with this computer.

Windows 10 Home (64-bit) is the operating system.


The best thing about Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV is its engine room – there should be enough performance be it a casual user or power user who’s reading there and planning to get this unit. Especially the processor is golden, I don’t see it a possibility that any slowdowns should occur. But, bear in mind that gaming shall still be a problem as no dedicated graphics card is found in the system. If you’re fine with this, then you have a good reason to take a closer look at this desktop.

One thought on “Dell Inspiron i5459-7020SLV All-in-One Desktop Review

  1. Carol Anderheggen

    I bought the AIO 5459 about a year ago. One of the USB 3.0 ports never worked correctly and now is physically damaged. Now I Have an intermittent loss of display which Dell cannot figure out. Very disappointed. I Have started to have fantasies of going over to the dark side and buying an Apple.


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