Dell Inspiron i5458-8000SLV Review

August 21, 2015
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A smaller (yet powerful) laptop might be something a traveling professional needs. Dell Inspiron i5458-8000SLV seems to fill that niche, offering a capable i7 processor and 8GB RAM ready to run most applications without slowdowns. The display size is compact 14 inches, and operating system is Windows 8 with possibility to upgrade to Windows 10. But let’s find out if there are some bad things in this laptop that are not so obvious without digging deeper…


There are many programs that would run fluently on Dell Inspiron i5458-8000SLV. I say this because the processor, Core i7-5500U (dual core @ 2.4-3.0GHz), is quite a capable one at ~3900 CPU Mark points. Common i3s you often see in laptops get much less, around 3000 points. People have been using i7s for heavy uses, including video editing, although this low-voltage model is far from what more power demanding i7s can offer – for example the i7-4720HQ reaches a whopping 8000 points in CPU Mark. Nonetheless, you can throw pretty much anything at this low energy i7-5500U and enjoy lag free environments, keeping you happy and computer heat levels at bay.

The laptop offers 8GB memory, a nice amount for casual and power users alike. Both memory slots are occupied by 4GB sticks, but you can replace them with bigger ones if you require more memory (maximum is 16GB). That much RAM can be utilized only by very few professionals with extremely heavy-duty programs, the default 8GB is probably all one would need.

The storage section consists of a 1024GB 5400RPM (SATA 6 Gbps) hard drive. It’s indeed terabyte in size, which happens to equal ~200,000 JPEG quality images. A lot of data can be stored here, but if you’re looking for maximum performance you’d need to remove this drive and install SSD instead.

Screen and graphics

At 14″, the screen of Dell Inspiron i5458-8000SLV is tad smaller than your typical 15.6 inches. Touch support is provided, however resolution is just 1366×768, not Full HD as one could expect for this price. The screen won’t rotate more than ~135 degrees, so this unit can be only used in laptop mode – no 2-in-1 functionality here.

Graphics of this Dell are bit better than an average laptop has. The reason, a GeForce 920M engine with dedicated 2GB DDR3 memory. In G3D Mark, the unit receives ~660 points while the famous (yet integrated) Intel HD 5500 gets ~550 points. So yes, the GeForce is better, but the difference is not huge. In real life, you could play GTA 5 with medium settings and 720p and enjoy ca. 25 frames per second. Playing older games, such as League of Legends or Diablo 3, you’d get much higher frame rates and more eye candy.


Dell Inspiron i5458-8000SLV has three USB ports. But sadly, just one of them is USB 3.0 while two others are slower USB 2.0. An expensive laptop like this Dell should have more USB 3.0 connections. The obligatory HDMI port is also present, you can hook up a television or your desktop display to that.

Despite being a smaller model, the notebook has a tray load DVD burner crammed in. SD card reader is likewise there, that might come handy if you have photos on digital camera you want to upload to the computer.

Wireless networking should be fast and reliable, there’s a 802.11ac WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 adapter for accessing Internet. The 10/100Mbps RJ-45 port can also be used if you fancy cable.

The laptop screen bezel houses a 1280×720 webcam. It works for Skype video like any camera.


Dell Inspiron i5458-8000SLV weighs 4.8 pounds, not so much less than an average 15.6″ model of ~5lbs. The provided battery has a 4-cell 40Whr setup, providing around 4 hours of use with a single charge. The battery can be removed so replacing it will be effortless.

The keyboard is backlit on this laptop. Dedicated numpad is not there, it never is on these smaller units.

Closing thoughts

Dell Inspiron i5458-8000SLV is one of the faster notebooks, made with power users and perhaps traveling people in mind. There are some features that make it worthwhile, such as speedy i7 processor, decent 8GB system memory and dedicated graphics card. Disadvantages include slow hard drive and lack of Full HD support – the first one can always be fixed yourself but getting 1080p support afterwards is practically impossible. Indeed, if the display was better, this laptop would be excellent. Now it’s just an average (yet working) notebook for people who appreciate powerful processor & RAM and compact screen.

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