Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY Notebook Review

December 28, 2016
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Going for a Dell laptop is often a safe choice. They have been in the market for long time, and their products usually get recommended by professionals. Plus, it’s an American company. In this review, I’ll dissect one of their newer laptops – the Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY – and let you know if it’s worthy of getting or not…

General performance

The price of Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY might suggest inferior performance. But that is far from truth. For one, the laptop runs on Intel Core i5-7200U processor which, if you don’t know, contains two cores and a clock speed of 2.5GHz. It has turbo as well, taking the clock frequency to 3.1GHz. For a convertible model it’s very appropriate choice, with CPU Mark rewarding it around 4700 points.

The memory isn’t that high, just 4GB DDR4-2133. On the other hand I think it very well suffices for, like, 99% of the users. And the mainboard has a free slot for easy upgrade. Maximum would be sixteen gigabytes.

A nice touch is the 128GB solid-state drive, a 2.5″ unit connected to SATA interface. It’s fast, although remember that only around 100 gigabytes is left for your files. The drive can of course be upgraded to a bigger version.

Good for gaming?

No one can say Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY is a real choice for gaming. You will find most Triple A games get bad frame rates – you can thank the integrated Intel HD 620 chip for that. For example, throwing GTA 5 at this laptop and using low settings and resolution will end up in ca. 30 frames per second. However, another popular title, Counter-Strike: Go will give better FPS even if you use very high settings!

What about ports and connections?

Bear in mind there is no Ethernet port in Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY. In another words, if you want to use cable for Internet connection you need to get an adapter. Yet don’t worry, there’s a pristine wireless adapter with support for 802.11ac dual-band standard and Bluetooth too!

There are a few ports to connect your devices to. The HDMI-out is essential if you want to hook up an external display. Also present are three USB connectors, two being USB 3.0 and one USB 2.0.

The notebook features SD card slot. In this particular model, using it for storage expansion could be a good idea.

An unfortunate thing for some, the laptop doesn’t have an optical drive.

What other things should I know?

So, do not forget Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY is a 2-in-1 laptop, this is achieved by the 360 degree hinge on the screen. And yes, the display itself is of high quality, offering 1080p resolution and IPS panel (realistic colors, good viewing angles) on its 13.3″ diagonal. The top side sports a webcam, with the usual 720p video resolution support.

There is an integrated 3-cell 42Whr battery inside, meaning that you can not replace it easily. Around six hours battery life is reported, pretty decent for a notebook like this.

The keyboard lights up.


It is evident that Dell Inspiron i5378-0028GRY is not an expensive choice. But, this time, it doesn’t mean poor performance – on the contrary, the Core i5 processor and solid-state drive will “whip” the unit to the maximum, allowing the use of high-end programs such as Adobe Photoshop. It will also be a very convenient laptop thanks to the flipping screen, which by the way supports Full HD resolution. The Dell is a well-rounded notebook for the budget-minded, I can recommend it!

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