Dell Inspiron i3847-6162BK Desktop Review

April 27, 2016
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Dell Inspiron i3847-6162BK is one of the affordable desktops that would suit your room or office well. The components are nothing too fancy, just Core i3 processor and 8GB memory, but those things should get a home user going well. But what are the possible drawbacks and disadvantages of this system? Let’s see…

The good

For the money, you can’t expect wonders, but the processor of Dell Inspiron i3847-6162BK is great. True, it’s just a 4th generation i3 model, but this dual-core Intel Core i3-4170 runs at 3.7GHz clock speed and manages to get ca. 5200 points in CPU Mark – that translates well to suitability for heavier software, such as photo or video editing. Memory is also adequate 8GB (2x4GB), with the possibility to upgrade to 16GB (with two 8GB sticks).

You will be able to connect this desktop to Internet via 802.11 N-standard WiFi (also Bluetooth 4.0 is supported) or Gigabit RJ-45 port.

The neutral

Hard drive of Dell Inspiron i3847-6162BK isn’t that spectacular, a one terabyte 7200RPM spinning HDD connected to SATA 3 interface. You already know it offers huge storage for files, however transfer rates can’t beat SSD. Fortunately, the system has a free 3.5″ slot inside, meaning you can put in another drive – such as SSD!

Selection of ports is basic for a desktop. Eight USB ports are available, two USB 3.0 connectors and six USB 2.0. There are also video outputs in the back panel, HDMI-out and VGA to be precise. You can use dual monitors simultaneously.

Tray-load DVD burner is included, such a drive works with CDs and DVDs but not with Blu-Rays.

Remember that USB keyboard and mouse are shipped with the unit. Obviously, monitor is not, so buying that separately is a must.

Operating system is the pre-installed Windows 10 Home.

The bad

The notebook won’t be a good candidate for gaming; after all the graphics engine is just an integrated Intel HD 4400. Some heavier games, such as Grand Theft Auto 5, will run at 20-25FPS using low settings and resolution. Easier types, such as Day-Z and Minecraft will run better. In addition, you can always install a dedicated graphics card, just remember the PSU is a 300W one so you might need to upgrade that too.

Summing it up

Dell Inspiron i3847-6162BK is not a special desktop, but I’m not saying it should be. See, the computer is perfect for browsing the web, using office programs or even playing Full HD videos – the things that most people do. Gaming is bit problematic, the reason being there is no dedicated graphics card installed. But for this price, you can not demand it all. If a decent general-use desktop is what you’re after, do check this Dell out!

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