Dell Inspiron i3847-2311BK Desktop Review

January 22, 2016
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So you want only a desktop system unit, perhaps you already have a monitor or are planning to buy one separately? That’s good, Dell Inspiron i3847-2311BK is such a desktop with affordable price and plenty of performance – even for power users. Read below what I think about this computer…

The good

First of all, Dell Inspiron i3847-2311BK sports quite a strong processor. It’s not a mainstream Core i3 but a high-end Core i5-4460. This unit serves four cores and operates at a 3.2GHz clock speed with 3.4GHz turbo. It does well in benchmark tests – the i5-4460 receives ~6600 points in CPU Mark while slower “basic” processors such as i3s are in the range of 4000-5000.

The desktop is equipped with a nice amount of RAM, 12 gigabytes to be exact. The configuration is 8GB+4GB sticks, and they take the both memory slots on the mainboard. The system supports at least 16GB maximum memory, but going from 12GB to 16GB won’t bring visible increase in performance.

Wireless networking is not an issue here, a 802.11n WiFi + Bluetooth adapter is installed in the desktop. Of course you can also use the Gigabit RJ-45 port in the back.

The neutral

You can’t expect top-notch components for this price, but I must point out one thing about the storage solution. Dell Inspiron i3847-2311BK runs on a hard drive (1TB 7200RPM SATA 3). It’s a very decent choice if you have gargantuan files you want to store on this computer. On the other hand, a solid-state drive makes system a lot faster and many prefer that over a hard drive. Luckily, there’s a free 3.5″ bay inside which you can use to install SSD. You’ll probably need an adapter as well.

The amount of USB ports is good (8), however just two of those are USB 3.0 while six are slower USB 2.0. Video outputs include VGA and HDMI-out, so you can connect up two two monitors at the same time.

For audio, you’ll get line-in/out and microphone port in the back. A connector for microphone and headphones is located in the front.

DVD burner and media card reader (SD(HC/XC), MS, MMC, xD) are available.

USB keyboard and optical mouse are also included which is nice, but monitor is not.

The bad

The only real bad thing I can see is the gaming performance. Dell Inspiron i3847-2311BK does not have a graphics card with dedicated memory, instead there’s the integrated Intel HD 4600. For a limited amount of games you might find it sufficient, however new titles will run quite poor. For example, GTA 5 played on normal details and 1366×768 will give around 30 frames per second. On the other hand, Counter-Strike: Go would run at a decent 30-40FPS played on 1080p and high settings.

Summing it up

Dell Inspiron i3847-2311BK is a decent computer for small businesses or homes. It covers all the basics, letting you run stuff like web applications (YouTube) and office programs (Word, Excel) without issues. Some more demanding software such as Photoshop will work, too. Plugging in printers and other helpful devices is a piece of cake, however keep in mind that just two fast USB 3.0s are available. Gaming is quite limited unless you install a dedicated graphics card. In short, this Dell is a good general use computer for the non-playing folk!

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