Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV Desktop Review

March 1, 2016
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Do you have a knack for good old desktops – portable laptops are not your cup of tea, at least not this time? Not a problem, desktops have many advantages, such as better price-performance ratio. And indeed, Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV packs some nice power with its “better than mainstream” Core i5 processor. Hard drive is also huge. But make no mistake, the desktop is not all golden. It has some disadvantages, too. I shall tell you more about this item below.

Is it good for an average computer user?

I don’t see any alarming reason against Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV for a home user. You just get a monitor (it’s not included, only keyboard and mouse are, mind that!) and everything works fine. The most important component, the processor, is a strongman’s choice: a quad-core Intel Core i5-6400 with 2.7GHz clock speed and 3.3GHz turbo. In case you’re interested in benchmarks, I’ll tell you in brief this i5 gets ~6500 points in CPU Mark test. To be honest, that exceeds the needs of a casual user, there is enough performance even for the more demanding (digital artists, programmers etc) lot!

Other things in the engine room aren’t bad either. The desktop contains one 8GB DDR3L memory stick, that is a sufficient amount of RAM for power users as well. If you’re not content with the default memory, you can upgrade it to a whopping 16GB.

In the storage section you’ll find a 1TB 7200RPM (SATA 3) hard drive, that is quite a common sight in desktops. It can be changed to a solid-state drive if you want better system performance. Sadly, no extra drive bays or M.2 connectors seem to available.

Does it work for gaming as well?

In case you’re a friend of PC gaming, Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV may work for you. It has an integrated graphics engine called Intel HD 530. So in reality, what does this mean? If you are good with low settings (and 1366×768 resolution), you can play games like GTA 5 with ~35 FPS which is quite but not totally smooth. Less demanding one like CS: Go can be played on high settings with better frame rates.

What devices can be hooked up?

Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV doesn’t have a great connectivity for a desktop, but should get a home or office going for sure. The back panel features a set of USB ports, four are USB 2.0 and two are USB 3.0 – prefer the latter for greater transfer speeds.

Video outputs include HDMI and VGA, they are sufficient since practically every monitor today has HDMI input. You can, for example, connect HDTV or a regular PC display to the desktop through that port.

In the back panel, audio ports include line-in, line-out and microphone. Connecting a pair of speakers is possible. The front side sports a headset sport.

Any other important things to keep in mind?

Networking interfaces include Bluetooth-enabled WiFi 802.11bgn card and Gigabit RJ-45 port.

Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV features a tray load DVD burner. It surely works with CDs and DVDs but no Blu-Ray support is available. Next to the optical drive, there is a media card reader (SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC, MMC+) which is good for uploading photos from cameras etc.

The desktop has Windows 10 Home (64-bit) pre-loaded on the hard drive.

Final thoughts

Dell Inspiron i3650-635SLV should be a decent choice for everybody but the hardcore gamers. See, the “important three” – processor, CPU and storage drive – are excellent here, with the Core i5 processor and a lot of memory allowing for complex software to run without bigger hick-ups. The large hard drive lets you store all the data in the world. But the graphics card, it’s an integrated one. So you’re not going to play games with plenty of eye candy on. With other uses you will have no problems. If this is what you want, then have a closer look at this (rather) affordable Dell!

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