Dell Inspiron i3650-5297SLV Budget Desktop Review

January 16, 2017
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Now it goes without saying that to get a desktop of great performance you need deep pockets. But what if you actually don’t need that high performance and can do fine with less oomph? In that case, shelling out a lot of money is not a necessity. You can do well with a cheaper desktop like Dell Inspiron i3650-5297SLV, but there are a couple of things you should know about it before shopping. So let me introduce you to the computer now!

How is the performance?

It is true the processing performance this system offers is rather mid, or even low range. The Intel Pentium G4400 processor isn’t comparable to i3s, let alone i5s, even though it offers 3.3GHz clock speed (yet no turbo and just two cores). Its CPU Mark Score is around 3600 which is the same than laptops these days get. But do not despair, the Pentium is all you need for day-to-day tasks.

There’s not too much memory included in Dell Inspiron i3650-5297SLV, just 4GB DDR3L. It used to be the default in computers some years ago, now it’s still useful for not too demanding users. And you have the option to put in more. The motherboard contains a free RAM slot, with maximum memory being 16GB. Such amount will suffice for everyone, I promise!

To store files and data on this thing you get 1TB 7200RPM hard drive. Now, for the pure storage it’s golden, holding over a hundred thousand photos for example. But for top performance another drive, the solid-state drive, would be optimal. The good thing is, adding one is effortless since the insides of this computer have a free bay (3.5″ I think) for that. Keep in mind I’ve also heard that the SATA cable required to connect the extra drive to motherboard isn’t found inside, so you probably need to buy that as well.

Is it a gaming desktop?

Certainly, Dell Inspiron i3650-5297SLV is not a good gaming desktop. The PCI-e x16 slot in it is empty, so the graphics are commanded by a feeble integrated graphics, the Intel HD 510. It’s not even the fastest of these integrated engines so really, keep your expectations low. You’ll have hard times with games like Grand Theft Auto 5 – getting 25-30FPS would require you to drop settings to minimum and resolution too. Then again, there are lightweight titles that are not a problem for this rig, those include Counter-Strike:Go, DayZ and Minecraft.

How are the desktop’s ports and connections?

Dell Inspiron i3650-5297SLV has a wireless adapter so you don’t buy one yourself! It supports the regular 802.11bgn standard. You can also connect Bluetooth devices to it. The another way to connect to networks is the Gigabit RJ-45, rest assured that is included too.

The number of USB ports on this rig is six. Just two of those are however USB 3.0 so if you have devices that need a lot of bandwidth (like external drives) connect those to the USB 3.0. The four USB 2.0 can be used with simpler peripherals like input devices (keyboard, mouse, etc).

Many people have asked if it’s possible to connect two monitors to this desktop at the same time. I have the answer, and the answer is yes. See, there are VGA and HDMI ports on this computer. They both work fine. You just need to know that the older VGA standard won’t bring very good picture quality to the other monitor.

You will find DVD burner in this unit, the front panel hosts that. One handy feature is also the memory card reader which accepts at least SD and MMC type cards. With that reader you can easily upload photos from your digital cameras and other files from similar, smaller devices – such as smartphones.

What other interesting things this desktop has?

Monitor is not included as it says in the spec sheet, unfortunately. So you need to spend some extra money if you also need to buy display for this. Keyboard and mouse are included, giving some consolation.

For the operating system pre-loaded Windows 10 Home (64-bit) is offered.

Summing it up

There is no reason to be afraid of a budget desktop like Dell Inspiron i3650-5297SLV. It gives all the essential things that home users, students or even small businesses require from their computer. Be it multi-tab browsing, Full HD videos from streaming services or lightweight photo editing you want to do, the Dell will suffice for those tasks without breaking a sweat. It’s not a great gaming desktop, but as long as you realize that you have nothing to worry about. Hence, if you don’t like the idea of spending much money on electronics, we can wholeheartedly recommend this Dell for you!

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