Dell Inspiron i3650-3132RED Desktop Review

December 7, 2015
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I must say, and you’ve probably noticed this, desktops are not as popular as they used to be. The world is crazy about mobile because it’s so damn convenient. But what if you don’t need a portable device but a good old desktop, that tends to have better price/performance ratio than, say, a laptop? In this case, something like Dell Inspiron i3650-3132RED could be the right choice for you…

General performance

This Dell offers a very solid processing power. The CPU is Intel Core i5-6400, and if you’re familiar with the Intel’s naming scheme you can see it is a 6th generation, in another words the latest, processor model. It works on four cores and the clock speed is 2.7GHz, and there is also a turbo speed up to 3.3GHz. In benchmarks the i5-6400 does well, CPU Mark giving it a score of ~6500 points. In short, it’s a processor geared towards power users.

The desktop features 8GB DDR3L RAM by default, it’s installed on a single module. I can see from the official specifications that two memory slots reside on the mainboard, and since the other slot is free, you can easily upgrade the RAM to 16GB if you want.

I wouldn’t say the storage section is spectacular here: only a terabyte 7200RPM SATA 3 drive is included. You can replace that with a solid-state drive if you want. There is also M.2 slot but it is already taken by the WiFi card.

Does the desktop work for gaming?

Dell Inspiron i3650-3132RED is not great for gamers. There is a dedicated card but it’s just the GeForce 730 with 2GB GDDR3 memory. It’s not a beast but luckily a lot faster than integrated units such as the Intel HD 4400, so some gaming is surely possible. A concrete example, you can play GTA V on low settings and 1366×768 resolution and FPS will be around 40.

The situation will be different if you install a real graphics card. That is possible since the motherboard is equipped with one PCI-e x16 slot, just take the old card out first. That said, the case is not big (13.8″ height, 6.1″ width and 11.1″ depth) so you probably need a low-profile engine for this unit.

What ports and connections there are?

Dell Inspiron i3650-3132RED features six USB ports (two USB 3.0 and four USB 2.0) in total, that’s not a huge amount but understandable considering this Dell has a very compact design. Video outputs include the trio of HDMI, DVI and VGA – you can use a dual display set-up here, too.

There is a WiFi card supporting the b/g/n standard and Bluetooth 4.0 inside. Of course, RJ-45 port (1000Mbps) is included as well.

The tray-load DVD burner works for reading and creating DVDs and CDs.

Other important things to keep in mind

Just remember this Dell doesn’t come with a monitor. Keyboard and mouse, both wired, are included.

Operating system is Windows 10 Home, the 64-bit edition.


I can’t say the value of Dell Inspiron i3650-3132RED is excellent: it costs pretty much, but of course you’re getting a fast 6th generation processor and dedicated graphics engine (albeit a low-end one) here. It’s a pretty powerful rig especially for non-gaming activities, in case you don’t want to build a computer yourself you can opt for a branded solution like this Dell.

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