Dell Inspiron i3650-2820SLV Laptop Review

January 12, 2017
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Buying a desktop has few advantages over a laptop. The biggest thing is, you’re getting more performance for your money as the manufacturer doesn’t have to use smaller (= more expensive) components in a large desktop case. So they can be both powerful and affordable, just like Dell Inspiron i3650-2820SLV seems to be. But that’s how these computers often look before a closer examination is taken. So read this review and you will know if it’s a smart move to spend your dollars on this desktop or on something else…


Mid-range desktops such as Dell Inspiron i3650-2820SLV are good for various tasks, ranging from simple web browsing to exotic stuff like occasional Photoshop use. Its processor, the Intel Core i5-6400, is certainly up for these things: its advantages include quad-core setup and high 2.7 – 3.3GHz (turbo) clock speed. Compared to other desktop processors it’s indeed average, in the best meaning of the word, with CPU Mark points being around 6600.

Like most computers today, also this Dell comes with 8GB memory. It’s the older DDR3L type, DDR4 is not supported here. You can double the RAM up to 16 gigabytes as the mainboard has a free slot for that!

A typical desktop storage is found inside, a 1 terabyte 7200RPM platter-based hard drive. Its strong points include very large raw storage space – two to four times more than laptops have. For example, such a terabyte drive can take around two hundred thousand JPEG-quality images. The weak point, of course, is the speeds at which the files are served – modern solid-state drives win that round. You can add more drives, like SSD, because there’s a free bay for that. However, there doesn’t seem to be extra cables so you might want to buy them too.

Does it play games well?

The biggest obstacle for gamers is the integrated graphics, the Intel HD 530. You can put in a dedicated graphics because it has a PCI-e x16 slot, but if you don’t do that, don’t expect great frame rates. With the default setup you’ll need to use low settings and resolution to achieve playable (+30FPS) FPS on newer/demanding games such as GTA and Battlefield 4. That being said, simpler games such as Minecraft are not an issue for this rig. Also Counter-Strike: Go is going to run on smooth frame rates with some eye candy on!

Are the ports and connections in check?

Dell Inspiron i3650-2820SLV has two video ports: VGA and HDMI. Now, you can connect two monitors at the same time, even two HDMI monitors if you use VGA to HDMI adapter with one. But anyway, the VGA port on the desktop isn’t going to give good signal quality especially for higher resolutions. So dual monitor setup won’t be ideal here.

Six USB ports are present on this desktop. Too bad four are USB 2.0 and just two USB 3.0 so you will need to prioritize. But the amount itself should be enough, I can’t think of many instances where more than six USB devices are connected to desktop at a time!

The back panel hosts a 1000Mbps RJ-45 port to get you connected to Internet via cable. In addition, also a basic 802.11bgn WiFi adapter is installed for the friends of wireless. Bluetooth 4.0 works as well.

The desktop has a DVD burner in the front. You will also find media card reader there which supports the most common memory card standards such as SD.

Does the desktop have other interesting features?

Even though the picture doesn’t show it, Dell Inspiron i3650-2820SLV includes a wired keyboard and mouse. They’re rather cheap but will do their job – buying new ones is not necessary. But monitor you will need to buy, that is not unfortunately included here.

It has Windows 10 Home (64-bit) operating system pre-installed. I don’t think the original installation DVD comes with it, just rescue disc or something like that.


Undoubtedly, Dell Inspiron i3650-2820SLV is one of the popular and better-selling desktops. It is powered by an i5 processor which means suitability for power users, and the one terabyte hard drive provides file hoarders ample (if tad slow) storage space. Not much gaming performance is present unless you install a dedicated graphics card like GeForce inside, however out of the box, the desktop works great for watching videos and other light multimedia tasks. Just get a decent monitor for the Dell and you can not go wrong with it!

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