Dell Inspiron i3647-4616BK Review

December 15, 2014
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Want an affordable desktop computer? Great, here’s a candidate for you, hailing straight out of Round Rock, Texas. The Windows 8 powered Dell Inspiron i3647-4616BK features Core i5 processor with eight gigabytes of memory. Sounds pretty good – even for power users – although we can’t draw any conclusions before examining this desktop further.

The essentials

The processor of Dell Inspiron i3647-4616BK is Intel Core i5-4460. Many probably recognize that name as a high-end CPU, which it for most part is. The 4th Gen processor features four cores and clocks at 3.2 – 3.4GHz depending on the turbo use. It’s definitely improvement from basic Core i3s, so even if you used demanding applications (programming, image editing, multitasking) the i5 processor wouldn’t bog down the computer.

The same can be said about the RAM. There’s 8GB of DDR3 memory installed which is a very respectable and sufficient amount for virtually any use today. The RAM’s installed on two 4GB chips. The system supports up to 16GB memory, as such you can install more but only after removing the old chip(s) first.

A 1024GB 7200RPM hard drive takes care of your storage needs. It’s big indeed, capable of hosting 10,000s of smaller files easily. The speed’s not that great, though. Such a large hard drive is good pick for somebody who downloads or just likes to store lots of data locally. SSD would be lots faster, but would also suffer from the lack of raw storage space.

Notes about gaming

Dell Inspiron i3647-4616BK is friend of a low-level gamer. It has an integrated Intel HD 4600 rendering the graphics which happens to be one of the better chips in the Intel HD family. Many recent, less demanding titles (Sims 4, Fifa 15, F1 2014) would have FPS over 20 on low to medium settings. Minecraft would also work, although some of the heaviest games like AC: Unity and Ryse: SoR would probably lag too much to be playable.


The USB port amount differs depending on which vendor’s product page you check. However, the official user manual says there are eight: two USB 2.0 in front, four USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 in back. The back panel also contains HDMI and VGA outs, so plugging the desktop to a new or old display should work without any problems. Such a two video port configuration should also let you use a dual monitor setup.

Networking options are good: the desktop has a Gigabit Ethernet port and a WiFi + Bluetooth 4.0 combo chipset.

A DVD reader/writer is installed in the front panel behind the black, small opening doors. The desktop also contains an 8-in-1 memory card reader supporting all the usual formats like SD, MMC and MS.

Miscellaneous things

Like most desktops, also Dell Inspiron i3647-4616BK is bundled with basic USB keyboard and mouse. Display isn’t shipped along, so you must get monitor separately. Windows 8.1 (64-bit) is the operating system here, so if you want to use all of its features be sure to get a touchscreen.

There’s a free PCI-e x16 slot on the motherboard. Installing a dedicated graphics card is hence possible. However, consider the system case dimensions: 10.43″ height, 3.94″ width and 13.7″ depth. The computer has a very small footprint, but installing a full size card to such a small case won’t probably happen. The 300W power supply would most likely have to be upgraded, too.

People who bought this product also said there’s not much bloatware installed. It wouldn’t be a big hassle even if there was, but now you don’t have to uninstall that unwanted software anyway.

In conclusion

Dell Inspiron i3647-4616BK offers solid performance for less than 500 bucks. Power users and those casual users requiring bit more oomph would appreciate the difference an Intel Core i5 with 8GB system memory can make. Gamers wouldn’t however find the desktop too enjoyable – at least if you were into the latest titles full of graphics. The connections of eight USB ports, Gigabit LAN + WiFi + Bluetooth networking and HDMI/VGA outputs will also come handy. If this Dell is still on discount, I can certainly recommend it.

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