Dell Inspiron I3558-10000BLK Laptop Review

January 2, 2017
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Not spending a lot money for his/her computer is a top priority for many people. Admittedly, such a notebook might have flaws, like low performance or bad quality build – treading carefully is advised. In the case of Dell Inspiron I3558-10000BLK we’ve compiled this review for you, it will help in decision for sure!

Is it fast enough for me?

Dell Inspiron I3558-10000BLK is not as slow as some might think. The day-to-day use consisting of web surfing, some YouTube videos and like is all achievable on this rig. You see, the processor is still i5, although a bit older Intel Core i5-5200U. It has an appropriate clock speed 2.2GHz – 2.7GHz for casual and power users alike, and the dual-core configuration allows for some multitasking (of course quad core would be better for doing many things at once).

In other regards, the engine room looks neat. It contains six gigabytes RAM, which is a decent compromise between typical 4 and professional 8 gigabytes. More can be added, sixteen gigabytes to be precise. However there’s not much point in upgrading for most people!

The storage section isn’t anything too interesting. What you will find there is a hard drive, yes with the moving parts, old school one. It gives one terabyte of space and 5400RPM spindle speed. The former part is good, latter part not so much. If you want a cheap way to up the speed of this rig, putting in SSD is a good choice.

Gaming in nutshell

One thing worthy of knowing is, that Dell Inspiron I3558-10000BLK is far from a gamer’s laptop. Surely you can play games that work on a browser, or some lighter ones such as World of Warcraft here. But do not expect miracles from the Intel HD 5500 integrated graphics chip. It will work rather poorly with newer games, for example GTA 5 gives quite a poor ~25FPS even if it’s low settings you are using. The situation can’t be changed because this notebook does not accept a dedicated graphics card. So, my advice is, choose something else for gaming! It will cost more but will be worth it.

What ports and connections are offered?

The ports you find in Dell Inspiron I3558-10000BLK are exactly the same ones you find in other laptops of this price range. Welcoming you are three USB connectors (one of them is USB 3.0), you want to use those for plugging in devices. An external mouse or extra drive are popular choices for that. I recommend using the two USB 2.0 ports for simple peripherals and the USB 3.0 for a more complex one, like the external drive, for best speeds.

Video output is brought to you by a full-sized HDMI. It’s most useful if you’re the type of person who likes to use the notebook with an extra monitor. Surely it doesn’t help you while on the road, but at your home connecting HDTV or such a display to your laptop might be a good idea.

As expected, a DVD burner is found in this unit. You might or might not find it useful, after all these days many programs and utilities are downloaded right off Internet. Another feature worth mentioning is the SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot to which memory cards can be slipped. Some use it for storage increase, but in the case of this laptop transferring files is probably the best use.

What other interesting things does the laptop have?

I’m sure the screen of Dell Inspiron I3558-10000BLK is a cookie-cutter one. The diagonal is 15.6 inches which is the most common size, not too bulky for traveling but not too small to be inconvenient either. A jack of all trades, so to speak. The resolution 1366×768 will disappoint some professionals, but there aren’t many (if any) laptops in this price range who offer Full HD anyway. The display surely responds to touch, but it won’t rotate past ~180 degrees, so no tablet mode here. A webcam, 720p video capture, is installed in the top bezel and it works for Skype well.

The notebook contains a 4-cell battery, it’s a regular choice for these models. How long it lasts is not exactly known, but the most realistic expectation is around four hours. The battery is also integrated inside the laptop, remember that, so replacing it won’t be easy.

Unfortunately there is no backlit keyboard on this model.


In short, Dell Inspiron I3558-10000BLK can do everything for a casual user, and many things for a power user. People use this kind of notebooks every day at home, school and businesses, but when it comes to gaming, obviously something more powerful has to be picked. The price situation is anyway so attractive that I can only complain so much. All the basics are well covered, and all the notebooks in this price category are more or less like this. If your expectations are not too high, I can only recommend to take a closer look at this!

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