Dell Inspiron I3558-0954BLK Laptop Review

December 5, 2016
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It’s true that Dell Inspiron I3558-0954BLK is not the most popular notebook there is, but nonetheless it looks good: the laptop is very well-priced and there are some decent components like 5th generation Core i3 processor inside. It might make a good general-use laptop, but let’s be sure about that before buying!

How’s its performance?

Dell Inspiron I3558-0954BLK is powered by Intel Core i3-5005U, a dual-core processor from the beginning of 2015. Its clock frequency is 2.0GHz but there’s no turbo available. The i3-5005U gets a fine ~2900 score in CPU Mark, compare that to 1000-2000 of Pentiums or 3500+ of Core i5s. I don’t see why you couldn’t use this rig for some more demanding stuff now and then, such as images editing.

The hard drive choice is alright given the price: a 1024GB 5400RPM 2.5″ HDD attached to SATA 3 interface. It’s rather big, capable of hosting around 200000 JPEG pictures. Obviously there are no extra slots or M.2 port inside, so if you want to upgrade, you’ll need to replace the current drive (and install OS and everything again on the new drive).

The mainboard has two SODIMM slots for memory and they’re filled with 2GB and 4GB (1600MHz) sticks, so the RAM amount is 6GB. Most people should be happy with that, but of course upgrading is possible.

Any chance it works for gaming too?

You can probably guess from the price of Dell Inspiron I3558-0954BLK its suitability for gaming. Yep, it’s bad. Such a cheap notebook does not have a dedicated graphics card, only the low-performance integrated Intel HD 5500 chip in the processor. Well, people use it successfully for simple games like Minecraft and Fifa, but Triple A titles including GTA 5 or Fallout 4 just don’t run here (FPS ~20 on low settings and resolution).

What ports and connections it offers?

Dell Inspiron I3558-0954BLK can be connected to networks by two methods: the wired way with 100Mbps RJ-45 port, or the wireless with 802.11ac standard support. Bluetooth 4.0 is available as well.

The three USB ports are good for connecting devices, for example mouse or external hard drive. One of the ports is USB 3.0 while two are USB 2.0. Included is also HDMI-output for PC monitor, even HDTV.

Memory card slot is there accepting SD media cards. Likewise DVD burner is installed.

Any other important things?

The notebook’s screen I like to call a cookie-cutter one: 15.6″ diagonal with 1366×768 resolution. Of course many like Full HD more but for this price you are not going to find one. There’s no touch support in it, and the display only works in laptop mode (it turns up to 135 degrees). Refresh rate is 60hz while viewing angles are 160 degrees.

You can film some videos with this unit, it comes with a basic 720p webcam installed.

Don’t expect miracles from the 4-cell battery. Merchants say it lasts 5+ hours, but in reality four to five hours are much closer to truth.

The keyboard has no backlight, not a surprise for this price.


Dell Inspiron I3558-0954BLK is truly a no-frills laptop. You see, it doesn’t have anything “extra” but all the essentials to get you started with. Web browsers, YouTube videos, MS Offices all run well here – you can even throw in some older games! The one terabyte hard drive offers a lot of storage as mentioned above. If you’re not too demanding when it comes to getting a laptop, this kind of simple Dell should be enough!

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