Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK Laptop Review

March 30, 2016
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In search of a budget laptop, eh? You’ve probably noticed Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK in that case. It is a 15.6″ notebook with many low-level components such as the (in)famous Celeron processor. So, is it too slow or just enough for a home user? I’ll share my views on that below!

The good

Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK is a good laptop for casual & home use. Programs like Skype, Paint, web browsers and Netflix are no challenge for it – the Celeron processor and 4GB RAM can deal with those software easy. And as the package is very affordable, you won’t be paying a lot either.

You can connect the notebook to Internet via the wireless adapter or RJ-45 port. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported, too.

Optical drive is available, it’s good for burning CDs and DVDs (or reading them). You can also transfer data with the media card reader, there’s SD card slot included.

You may use use Skype video features with the built-in webcam (1280×720 resolution for video).

The neutral

Power users aren’t likely to get much out of the Intel Celeron N3050 processor. It’s a very low-end dual-core unit of 1.6GHz clock speed and 2.2GHz turbo boost – in fact, the CPU Mark score is just around 900, one of the slowest scores of modern-day processors. Not good news if demanding software is your thing! Also the memory seems to be capped at 4GB, there is just one memory slot on mainboard and specifications say 4GB is maximum.

500GB hard drive is a so-so component, although an understandable choice for this price. If you want an easy way to boost the performance, change it to SSD (SATA 3 is the interface).

Ports collections is pretty basic: two USB 2.0, one USB 3.0 and one HDMI-out for plugging in a PC monitor.

I don’t think the display is excellent, just a basic 15.6″ screen supporting 1366×768 maximum resolution. Refresh rate is 60hz, maximum operating angle 135 degrees. Viewing angle is around 160 degrees. Touch is not supported on this particular model.

The bad

Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK is good for running basic programs, but how about games? Not that good at all! There is a weak Intel HD Graphics chip, not suitable for newer graphics-intensive games like Battlefield 4 or GTA 5. Even many less demanding ones will lag quite a much. Playable games are few, including browser-based titles and World of Warcraft.

Backlit keyboard isn’t available, however it’s not a surprise for this price.


It might be a good idea to get a laptop like Dell Inspiron i3552-4042BLK if you’re a casual user: software like MS Office, Chrome browser and YouTube belong to your daily repertoire. For that kind of use, this laptop – and any laptop to that matter – is enough, so you shouldn’t spend more on your computer. On the other hand, a power user or gamer (especially gamer!) won’t get much out of this unit. So this Dell is a recommended choice for a person without high requirements!

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