Dell Inspiron i3452-5600BLK Review

October 9, 2015
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A very, very simple laptop. That’s what the Dell Inspiron i3452-5600BLK looks like at a glance. There are nothing but a Celeron processor and 2GB RAM “speeding” the system up, so only a low-level performance can be expected from this computer. On the other hand, the price is very lucrative, so it might be a worthwhile choice after all… I’ll tell you my opinion about that below!

What things can I do with it?

Dell Inspiron i3452-5600BLK is meant only for very basic use. Its processor is the slowest I can think of, dual-core Intel Celeron N3050 with 1.6GHz clock speed and 2.2GHz turbo. The average CPU Mark for this unit is around 800. I’ve never seen lower score than that, even Intel Pentiums that are considered entry-level get closer to 2000 points. This thing will be slow, but running a simple browser without multiple tabs open is not too much for it.

To keep the costs down, also the RAM configuration isn’t nothing to be proud of. There’s one 2GB memory stick installed, and it will pretty much prevent multitasking and operating programs heavier than the web browser. There are no free RAM slots available, but luckily you can always take the 2GB out and put a maximum of 8GB stick in.

The storage drive is an embedded MultiMediacard, offering a basic 32GB capacity. You’ll be left with less than 30GB storage after Windows files – for some it’s fine, some will require more. For example, around 6 DVD’s worth of data would fill up that drive. According to the manual, there might be one 2.5″ slot inside, if it’s true a proper hard drive or SSD can be installed to the unit.

Can I also play games?

Not many games will work on Dell Inspiron i3452-5600BLK. Thanks to the slow CPU, 2GB RAM and integrated graphics card, you can say goodbye to famous Windows games like Grand Theft Auto 5 and Battlefield 4, although Counter-Strike: Go might run at 25FPS if you keep settings low and resolution 720p. The same will apply to other titles with very easy system requirements, and of course all the browser games will work no problem.

Anything special about the display?

I don’t think the image quality will be great in Dell Inspiron i3452-5600BLK, it’s not excellent screens these budget laptops are known for. The 14″ display of course has nothing but 1366×768 resolution – my guess is that it won’t be beautiful, but for the said web surfing and MS Office any kind of screen will do.

What devices can I connect?

Dell Inspiron i3452-5600BLK includes two USB 2.0 and one USB 3.0 port, thus you can plug in various devices simultaneously. Also HDMI output is available – even though the system is low-end, you’ll be able to hook up HD television and use the laptop through that.

There is no CD/DVD drive installed which means you have to invest in an external drive if you want to access discs.

One way to expand the local storage would be to slip in a memory card to the laptop’s SD card slot. You can also transfer files to the computer that way.

There’s a wireless (802.11bgn + Bluetooth 4.0) adapter for Internet connection. You can get RJ-45 by using USB adapter.

The built-in webcam can be used to shoot low quality videos or chat with your friends using Skype.

Other relevant things

A good thing about Dell Inspiron i3452-5600BLK, the components don’t require a lot of energy. Hence, battery life is excellent, somebody reported getting close to 9 hours with a single charge. Moreover, the laptop weighs only 4.2 pounds which makes it easy to travel with.

I don’t think the Dell has a backlit keyboard.


It’s not often you see a laptop with so darn low price tag. Of course, taking the components into account, this is understandable – you will be doing only very basic stuff on this laptop, like browse the web with a couple of tabs open. Most specialized software and especially games are way too much for this system to handle. For a basic student/senior/home user computer this simple Dell might do.

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