Dell Inspiron i3263-8500BLK AiO Desktop Review

January 11, 2017
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All-in-One desktop has one big advantage over conventional desktops. It includes everything necessary for immediate operations. There is monitor, keyboard and mouse, and you just connect the wires and you’re good to go! Dell Inspiron i3263-8500BLK is a prime example of this kind of machine, not too expensive and has already gathered some positive reviews despite it being not that old model…

Is it fast enough for me?

Unless your use consists of very exotic and resource intensive programs I’m sure the Dell Inspiron i3263-8500BLK offers you enough performance. The processor is nothing to ashamed of, it’s the Intel Core i3-6100U belonging to the 6th generation. Offered are two cores and a 2.3GHz clock speed (no turbo). With the ~3900 CPU Mark score it doesn’t compete with real desktop processors, but it’s still a very decent mobile CPU for you!

The rig includes one eight gigabyte DDR3L 1600MHz memory stick, and I believe most users don’t really need more RAM. There is however an empty slot for an upgrade, and the maximum memory this system supports is 16 gigabytes. Only power users might ever need that much so don’t stress about the upgrade, you need not do it.

A regular hard drive is included so nothing special in that regards. It’s a 1TB 5400RPM HDD, and while it can surely hold enormous amounts of data, the performance side isn’t that good. The system case has no free space for more drives so if you want to upgrade to SSD, prepare to remove this hard drive first!

Is this a good desktop for gaming?

Shelling out great frame rates is a bit problematic with Dell Inspiron i3263-8500BLK. Its integrated graphics, the Intel HD 520, is quite a low-end unit. You’re going to need low presets and resolution if you want to play many popular, newer games such as GTA 5 (~30FPS) and Battlefield 4 (~40FPS). But something as lightweight as Counter-Strike: Go is going to score smooth frames even if you used high settings with it!

Installing dedicated graphics is unfortunately not possible here.

Ports and connections

Dell Inspiron i3263-8500BLK accommodates four USB devices at a time, there are two USB 2.0 and two USB 3.0 connectors included. Standalone desktop units have 8-10 USB ports, but this is an All-in-One so the fewer amount is justified.

The system includes HDMI port, but according to specifications it’s an input. Hence, you can use this desktop’s screen with devices that send HDMI signal, such as Xbox or set-top box. But the computer doesn’t seem to feature video outputs, thus you can not use a second monitor with it.

There’s a built-in Gigabit Ethernet controller with RJ-45 port and also WiFi adapter (dual-band 802.11ac with Bluetooth) for networking.

You can use discs with this thing, a DVD burner is installed in it. Also available is media card reader that supports SD and MMC formats. Often memory cards are used to increase storage temporarily, but this computer already has a huge hard drive so that’s probably not necessary here. You can still use the card reader to transfer files.

What other interesting things does the computer have?

Indeed, the display is a great part of Dell Inspiron i3263-8500BLK. Its diagonal 21.5 inches is close to a separate PC monitor and 1920×1080 resolution is ideal for multimedia use, such as watching movies. The display is touch sensitive, has 60hz refresh rate and sports IPS, In-Plane Switching, panel for realistic colors and viewing angles that are around 180 degrees.

There’s a front webcam available, in the top bezel of display. It can record 720p video so you can film something for YouTube or talk with your buddies and connections on Skype.

The keyboard and mouse that come with this desktop are quite basic and they have cords – but there’s still nothing wrong with them in day-to-day use.


Dell Inspiron i3263-8500BLK is a choice for smart person. You don’t need to worry about buying displays or input devices because all of those are part of the package. And the machine works in a plug and play manner! Performance itself is enough for various tasks, including light entertainment and games. The 21.5 inches Full HD screen is like any PC display and looking at it for hours will be pleasant. All in all, if you’re after a convenient desktop solution, you have found a great candidate!

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