Dell Inspiron i3252-10050BLK Mini Desktop Review

February 15, 2016
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Dell Inspiron i3252-10050BLK, that surely looks like a basic desktop. On the outside it’s very compact, smaller than an average desktop unit, and on the inside there are low-end components ready to run most everyday programs. But what are the main drawbacks of this Dell? I’ll let you know about those below…

What is it good for?

If it’s so-called lightweight use, such as web browsing and video streaming (YouTube and Netflix) you mostly do on a computer, then Dell Inspiron i3252-10050BLK is sufficient for you. True, it has a quad-core Intel Pentium N3700 processor (1.6GHz with 2.4GHz turbo) which is far from a high-end one with its ~1900 CPU Mark grade, but for the aforementioned simple programs it’s just fine.

The same can be said about RAM which is 8GB here – however keep in mind just one SODIMM slot resides on the mainboard, hence upgrading the memory is not possible. For storage, you’ll get a 1TB 7200RPM (SATA 3) hard drive. It can host all the files you’ll ever need, but for the best performance, a modern SSD could be better. If you remove the hard drive (or the DVD drive), then you have place to install SSD on this machine.

The system also accepts a host of peripherals. It comes with six USB ports (two USB 3.0, four USB 2.0) so plugging in keyboard, mouse and printer is effortless. You can also connect up to two monitors at the same time here, there are VGA and HDMI-out ports in the back panel. Audio ports include headset, microphone and line-out/in, so speakers can be connected as well.

What is it bad for?

Dell Inspiron i3252-10050BLK doesn’t work for one thing, and that is serious gaming. The graphics engine is a poor Intel HD chip, and one of the slowest in that family, so hardcore players will be disappointed. You can’t run types like GTA 5 on this machine, the FPS would be too low. But some games, such as all browser-based ones and even a couple of installable titles such as Sims 4 will work alright.

There doesn’t seem to be available PCI-e slots inside, so installing a dedicated graphics card isn’t possible.

Other important things

Dell Inspiron i3252-10050BLK has a WiFi card (802.11b/g/n + Bluetooth 4.0) so you’ll be able to use Internet the wireless way. Also 1000Mbps RJ-45 connector is there in case you prefer cable.

Remember that this thing comes with a DVD burner in the front panel. Media card reader is included as well, it supports SD, SDHC, SDXC, MMC and MMC+ formats.

Keyboard and mouse are shipped with the system unit, but monitor is not.

Operating system is pre-loaded on the hard drive, it’s the Windows 10 Home (64-bit).


So, who should get Dell Inspiron i3252-10050BLK? People who don’t want a laptop and who mainly use lightweight (yet popular!) programs like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office and Netflix. For that kind of activities, this Dell is all you need – in another words, entry-level performance. But because of the Pentium processor, power users should forget this Dell, as there’s not enough CPU performance for high-end programs on a daily basis. Another group, the players, don’t find much joy here because of integrated graphics. But for a “casual” home, or small office, user this Dell should be everything he needs.

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