Dell Inspiron i3169-0012WHT Laptop Review

August 4, 2016
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In case you have been eyeing a new 2-in-1 laptop, Dell Inspiron i3169-0012WHT might have aroused your interest. It’s not an expensive computer while it offers both laptop and tablet at your disposal. These kind of benefits surely sound good, but does the computer really give enough value for you…?


You might think that what the heck is Intel Core m3-6Y30, is it again some fancily-named processor that is actually a weak one? Well, not really. Despite it having two cores and 0.9GHz clock speed, the turbo increases the frequency to 2.2GHz. In addition, in CPU Mark tests this processor receives ~3000 points, even tad better than 5th Generation Core i3s did. So it’s quite a good laptop processor.

Get ready for a multi-function Dell Inspiron i3169-0012WHT! The 11.6-inch 1366×768 touch screen has 360 degrees operating angle, allowing it to work in four modes: laptop, stand, tent and tablet. True, it doesn’t support Full HD but on this small screen it’s not necessary at all. Also remember there is a 720p webcam on top, it’s good for Skype video chatting for example.


Dell Inspiron i3169-0012WHT doesn’t get any extra points from the storage section. There is a 500GB 5400RPM SATA hard drive installed which has moving parts; meaning that it can break if you hit the laptop hard enough somewhere. Well, a tech-savvy person can always remove it and put SSD in and the problem it solved.

Gamers shouldn’t get too excited about this laptop. It only uses the shared-memory Intel HD 515 for graphics, and it’s quite a slow performance chip. You can expect the usual sub-par FPS on newer games, for example 25-30FPS using low settings and 720p on GTA 5. Some other popular games like Fallout 4 will even run worse. But not every game does bad on this machine, lightweight ones like sports games, browser-based ones or Minecraft run smooth here.

Other things and benefits

Look, Dell Inspiron i3169-0012WHT has 4GB memory which is fine for home use, but there is no secondary slot to upgrade it. The manual says 4GB is the maximum RAM supported.

The 2-cell 32Whr non-removable battery isn’t a beefy one, but it should still give 6-8 hours operating time especially if you use rather conservative screen brightness.

Ports you can use to plug in your devices are one USB 3.0, two USB 2.0 and one HDMI-out. You won’t find RJ-45 for network cable but WiFi adapter (802.11bgn with Bluetooth 4.0) surely is available.

The laptop doesn’t have a DVD burner but microSD card slot is included.

Keyboard is not backlit.


Dell Inspiron i3169-0012WHT is one of the better priced convertible laptops; it’s around the same than your regular notebook however there’s the added benefit of tablet included. The performance is stellar for day-to-day computing, however a solid-state drive would be a safer choice in this kind of portable unit. Also gaming is not advised on this Dell, just like with any other 2-in-1 out there. Hence, if you’re looking for a decent convertible notebook for software use, I’d recommend checking this Dell out.

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